She could see the thick cerulean veins extending around his neck and disappearing down into his shirt, she could tell it didn't stop there. The veins on his hands were just as blue and just as abnormal. The color seamed wrong, it was not the color that blood cells had prior to when oxygen reaches them but another color, a more haunting one. A blue like the ones flowers get when all their petals are frozen and they sleep till the spring. Somehow a more dormant blue, a more chilling one. His body was slumped in a position that reminded me of the mice in the chemistry lab. Hunched and huddled in corners with their white fur shaking in fear, he was almost the exact same image. Same position and if it weren't for the alien veins cascading his body he would have been just as white as the lab mice. He looked in pain and his eyes resembled that of a half drowsed dog. Her heart leapt for him. He looked so sickly and alone, her actions were automatic.

"Luka?" Her voice was not her own. It sounded wavered, scared. Why? Scared for him?

She did not get but five feet into the room when she saw his stance turn hostile and his eyes turn to look to her. His eyes had gone into a dark hue almost unrecognizable. It was no longer the boy blue she had known throughout the school year, it was now a much darker tone with a more dangerous look.

"Turn around and leave." His tone was calm, a restrained calm one you would hear from a person resisting a fight or argument, one before a storm. Underneath all this calm he sounded dry, asthmatic in some way, even thought I knew he wasn't.

"What's wrong with you, what happened?" She inched closer and saw his anguished face. Sweat perspired down his chalky white cheeks, as his eyes closed together.

"Go! Please just go!" He ground his teeth and yelled at her, no longer in his calm façade. He screamed now and she ran closer. He thrashed against the wall, like a bird in cage still trying to fly with clipped wings. When she reached him she fell to her knees by his side, still not touching. She could see his ragged breathing. His chest rose as if he had just run ten miles. She came as his anger soared. His fist raised and intersected with the stone cold stone floor. The stone tiles rippled like water with shards of rock and debris. Aria covered her eyes with her arm as some of it hit the walls and both of them. He sat unmoved, nothing but the sound of his breathing. He was slender and lean, he was male and muscled but no amount of muscle he had could have lifted the stone floor with just his first. Her body wouldn't move for several minutes as she thought of how he could have done this. She didn't how, she just knew he had and Aria was now more afraid of what he would do to her if she stayed then why he was here in the first place. She looked at his face and she could see her fear give her away as he closed his eyes.

She rose as swiftly as she came and clumsily ran out. She curved down the corridor from which she came and ran down it. Her running slowed her body wasn't fit for it. Her breathing was already increased from her own fear and now from her exhaustion. She leaned on a pillar catching her breath and replaying Luka's anger in her mind. His eyes and veins playing moving pictures in her head. She slid to the ground leaning her head against her knees pushing her cold hands to the warmth beneath her knees. She could feel her heart still beating trapped in her own ribcage's grasp.

He acted so strangely from the weeks past. Skipping almost everyday most of the time even without Marrow, this was unheard of since they were the closest of friends. He showed his dislike of her more then ever after the incident in the upstairs rooms and now that she had seen him this way tonight whatever was hurting him now must have been the reason for his seclusion. The tears that came next was not something she expected. Where these tears of shock? Fear? Anger? She didn't know she just wanted them to stop and forced the droplets back, wiping away the few that escaped her eyes rim. The clicking of heels on tile interrupted her thoughts and whipped her head down the direction of the corridor. Whoever was coming down was coming her way. She couldn't afford to get caught again, not after last time. Her punishment would be worse then detention this time, second offences always are. She couldn't risk getting expelled especially since she already had to pay her aunt back the tuition money, when she got a job.

Aria gathered herself together taking off her shoes to make her escape down the hall quieter. She knew she could go down the left corridor and wait for an hour in the utilities room until the guard there retires for the night, and then creep to her room. She would have done this if Lukas's face hadn't popped back into her head. She remembered how he looked so much in pain. If the night guards found him there's no telling what would happen. No matter what fear she felt before, her worry for him was growing bigger now. Her mind fought to go to him and to leave. Aria's bigger fear now was if Luka, whatever was wrong with him, would be ok. She turned and ran back the way she came, damning him every step of the way and her self for being so weak. She heard the night guard's heels again and ran faster. The black shoes she held in one hand handed slipped and tumbled against the white tiles creating an orchestral of noise to be echoed and spread throughout the corridor. Aria picked them up with fast hurry and ran as fast as she could to Luka, she knew the guards had heard and she heard them follow after her sounds.

She came to the room colliding with the door rim and closing the door with haste.

"They're coming...I'm sorry …they heard me!" Her words came out separate and detached because of her heavy breathing. Her lungs felt on fire but the look in his eyes sent shivers down her skin.

"Why did you come back, you stupid girl!" He was in worst shape then before. The eerie veins on his neck were almost gone but his hands and chest were another story.

"I-I'm sorry I can't help it now, please hate me later we have to hide now!" She started toward him slowly not knowing what he would do now. He saw her precaution and his shoulder sagged in response.

"How close are they?" He asked still staining words but not out of anger but out of pain.

"They're coming right now, let me help you!" Aria looked at him with pleading eyes. Pleading for him to let her help him and pleading so they don't get seen. The nuns on the night guard were coming in close to where they were and they would find them soon if they don't hurry.

"Help me up." These three words where enough for Aria to rush to him. She let him lean against her as his arm went round her shoulder for balance. They straddled on their feet trying to walk. Aria saw down his downy green shirt, the cobalt veins spread out like rivers across his chest, all centering on his heart and branching out like spiders. He was cold to the touch. His head looked down as if it was too heavy for his neck to hold like her was for her.

"Where can we go?" Aria franticly asked looking at his face.

"There's a broken wall in the closet over there, we'll push it in and cover it with the storage boxes." His arm pointed toward the dark corner on the right where a door stood open. Carrying Luka's weight across the room was hard enough without the time limit they were under. They reached the closet door and pushed it wide open. The inside was dusty with a cobwebs and a grime interior. The room hadn't been used in years and the closet along with it. There were still undusted shelves along one side with little knickknacks. The walls were painted in a sea foam green that had faded into grey in the corners and had chipped down onto the floor. There were cracks in some sections of it and whole parts broken off. Luka pointed toward a box that looked as if it was beaten and nodded his head on the way to it.

"It's behind there, move the box and I'll help you kick in the wall in." Luka dropped to the floor. Just moving exhausted him and made his body pierce with pain, a blue pain that seamed to spread everywhere in his body nonstop. He held his head in his hands watching Aria push the box out of the way as fast as she could. He could hear his own heartbeat and watched her cheeks pool with blood from effort. The rosy hue pulled him to her like he had strings attached to his limbs and she was the puppet master. He rose off the floor. He could still feel the pain spread but he stood anyway aching in body and want to touch her face.

"Hurry lets kick it I-" The last word was choked in her throat as Aria turned around and found Luka right in front of her. He was close enough to touch and his eyes still held the blue darkness as when she found him except now they didn't scare her, now they lured her in. He could feel the heat radiating off her body, she was that close to him. Her eyes help surprise and curiosity in them even with the dark hair disarrayed around her face. Luka shook his head trying to clear it from the strange call it was giving him.

"Come on then." The hole in the wall was already big enough for a small child but they would have to make it bigger if they wanted both of them to fit in. Aria slammed her foot into the wall cracking more wallpaper and breaking parts of plaster off. Luka joined in. With Luka's first hit the wall crumbled and the hole was enlarged three times greater then is had been before. He kicked the pieces of wall away as Aria swatted the air now full of dust. She coughed while talking.

"How did-"He shoved her into the hole without answering. The wall was hollowed out. The floor was barely three feet across but manageable to sit in. It was filthier then the closet has been. Spiders ran in holes as Aria tried to squeeze in. Luka went and closed the door. He took the abused box and pushed it back by the hole. He screamed as his body when into convulsions of pain. His knuckles white from his grip on the box.

"Luka!" Aria was barely up on her feet before Luka motioned her to stop.

"Stay there I'm almost done." He took deep breaths to calm his body but it only increased the thirst in his stomach and the pain in his veins. He climbed in the hole dragging the box along with him until the hole was completely covered and only thin strands of light escaped. They sat close together. Luka felt Aria's long hair brush onto his arm and the warm heat of her body. With every warm touch of her body his hurt like hell. His body was much colder then hers now he knew it but he knew didn't want her heat he wanted something much deeper.

"How are you doing?"

"Don't speak, they're here." They heard the distant sound of the door beyond the closet door open and they sat still as mannequins. They heard the clicking of four heels. The screeches of the table legs against the floor made Aria close her hands against her ears. The room sounded as if it was being attached. The clashes of chairs and tables only continued for so long till the sound of the closet door opening happened. The nun walked in coughing at the dust still in the air from the wall. They were in the far right corner. The hole was closed off by one box then that box was hidden behind two stacked one on top of another.

The guard started pushing the boxes and opening some of them. Inspecting them as if there were in some kind of interrogation of the eye. As we heard another box being pushed across the floor the guard yelled out. It was a quick yelp, the kind a child would make by touching the thorn of a rose and quickly letting go. The other guard came in with the alacrity of her heels.

"What's wrong Sarah, what's happened?" The other guard's voice sounded old and grainy, as if she needed to cough. The other guard sounded tired and weak but her voice was clearer then the others.

"It's my knee, I think it's acting up again" She pushed up her robes for better inspection.

"Are you going to be alright? The other nun questioned.

"I just need a good rest, lets go they're probably gone by now."

"Damn delinquents they don't know what they're asking for."

The minutes ticked away long after the night guards left the room but Luka and Aria still stayed there. Luka hardly breathed and Aria noticed this.

"Luka? Luka can you hear me?" She shook his shoulder to get an answer out of him. Her fingers felt his cold skin through the clothing he wore. When she carried him he also felt cold but now he was close to icy.

"Your frozen solid!" She moved closer to him to give him her heat and trying to warm his skin. Her skin waved in bumps from the arctic of his. She hugged the tops of his shoulders and neck.

"Ok Luka I want to know the truth, what's wrong with you, what's going on?" Luka's head rose at her question. His face not two inches away from hers. She saw the paleness of his skin and his dark blue eyes as they stared back at her. He some how didn't seam himself and what he did next surprised Aria even more. He leaned his forehead against hers. She now felt his cold skin on hers like snow on hot fingertips. He slid his face down hers letting his cheek rest alongside hers. She gasped as her arms went limp against him. Leaning alongside her cheek was the boy who only spoke brazenly to her and avoided her above all things. His cold breath tickled her ear as he exhaled, breathing still a little rugged. He lifted his head once more. He neared his face toward hers again inching to close the gap between them. Millimeters before her lips met his he breathed into her. Aria breathed in his breath, with sudden gasps and slights stops. Her vision blurred as darkness took over her eyes and let them drop. She went limp in his arms. Luka was gone also gone, in a sense replaced by instinct. The instinct of a Vampire. He held her in his arms feeling the high temperature of her skin compared to his. He could see her skin regardless of the dark, it was still flushed and pink with blood behind it. He could feel it pulsing through her body, going in and out of her heart to her arms, legs, and anywhere else. He raised her body toward his head and sniffed her warm body. Searching for a spot to feed. He found it, and put his head against her skin. All form of Luka covered in a maddening crave for blood.