The world was muffled to her right now, just the warmth of her bed and the sounds of her music in full blast against her ears. The screams coming from her headphones could easily be heard from across the room but it's not like she cared, no one was there with her. Kira thought that odd, especially since dipshit--the nickname she's given to Aria, her roommate--was usually here before her. She looked timid and vapid the first time Kira had saw here and if she had to guess was a lot like the other students including herself that were forcefully pushed in the direction of going to St. Germain Academy. The self rightous school that her father, if she would even call him that, would do anything to keep her blood at and she knew why even if the other 200 students didn't. Just because she had to listen to all the lies doesn't mean she had to do it sober, it's not like she'd get kicked out anyway, more like a suspension like last year. In truth it was them that need her, her and her blood-- before the thought could even finish the door broke through, loud enough were she could even hear it through her head Phones.

Bouncing up off the bed she saw a boy holding Aria's body in his hand, but mostly she saw the blood stained shirt that she wore and the dark look in the boys eyes.

"What the hell are you doing!" Kira stepped back. "What the fuck did you do to her!" she said looking down at Aria.

"Be quite!" Luka snapped. He laid aria's body down gently on the spring bed, checking the wound by her collar bone to see how bad the bleeding was. The wound was already covered over by a new coat of skin, slightly pink and paler compared to the rest but very much healed. Luka didn't know how it was even possible she was alive. He thought he had very much killed her when he came back to consciousness and found her limp in his arms bleeding through her shirt with the taste of her blood in his mouth.

"H-hey! Hey! Dancing around the room Kira tried to keep her distance as she questioned the crazed boy. "Is she...dead? Did you really kill her?" Kira waited for his answer while she looked at him press the palms of his hand to his forehead. "Oh my fucking God you really killed her!!"

Luka growled at the girl. Did he really just growl? " No she's not dead, and if you don't keep your voice down you will be." The hard look in his eyes made Kira second guess the stream of insults and threats she was about to yell at him and think more about were the door was and how she could get to it. It was then that she noticed the strangely sick color in his face and the protruding veins across his hands.

She was whispering now. "What happened to you?"

He pushed the damp hair back from his face rubbing the skin at the back of his neck as he sat up looking into her eyes as he spoke. "I don't know, but I wasn't trying to kill her. Something attacked me before...." Sparing the detail because he didn't really know them, and could only briefly remember darkened shadows before he felt the imminent pain spread through his body. " And I got was like my body was being ripped apart by something. I went to skip class in a room up in the third floor when that idiot found me and lead those hall nuns straight to us."

Kira looked at him skeptically, there was something wrong with his story she know that right away. "Then why was she bleeding on you" she indicated toward the cuffs on his shirt and neck piece.

"I blacked out while talking to her and when I woke back up there was blood, what the hell do you want a freaking novel? I don't know what happened anymore then you do, and you know what I probably wish I did a hell of a lot more then you because I was actually there!"

Kira inched closer to the door, she didn't like the look that was still dwindling in his eyes and it still wasn't clear what happened but she knew he at least had something to do with it. "You can't just come waltzing in here covered in blood and expect me to hang off your every word, something happened to her. " she pointed down on Aria sleeping form. " and you can't just brush it off and say it was because you were sick!"

Luka could tell she wanted to make a run for it, he could see her knees twitch with anticipation and her palms sweat. She was breathing unevenly and her hands trembling. Details, all details he should have not noticed so well but did and didn't know what would happen if she ran out and told someone but knew it couldn't be good see as he was covered in someone else's blood. " And what are you going to do? Run and tell them? " He was calm when he said this but his mind was racing.

Kira looked at Luka's still form glaring back at her. She was afraid of him, and she didn't know why, it was like touching a flame and knowing it's suppose to hurt, she somehow knew she had to be afraid of him. What would she say anyway, and the question would be if they believed at all. After last year's incident with the man she kept saying she saw follow her she really didn't know if anyone would even care. This was a school biased of prestige and bloodline not druggies like her. She didn't know if he really didn't do anything to her Aria but she was going to find out. "No, because they wouldn't give two shits about what I said anyway, if anything they would believe you and some bullshit story that you made up. But you're not leaving. " Kira pushed up off the door and went over to Aria.

Luka's eyebrows shot up but he was a little relieved. " I'm not?"

Kira coved Aria's legs with the comforter as she nestled on to the bed. " No you're staying till she wakes up and tells me what the hell happened because you apparently can't seem to remember."

"You do realize that we have school tomorrow and my rooms on the other side of the school." Glancing at the clock that read 12:37AM.

"And what part of that is my problem." She stared at him blankly.

Luka did nothing more than glare at the girl. He was nauseous from the pit of his stomach to the roof of his mouth. His head still felt like there was a balloon stretching inside of it and he was utterly frustrated at not even remembering what happened the last two hours of his life. Sinking down against the wall he pushed clothes and books out of the way to make room. They weren't very clean he guessed despite being the opposite sex. He looked up at Aria's back, remembering only her yelling to hide and the faint glow of sweat on her throat the last time he was conscious and wondering still why a stupid girl like her would even come back for him. It wasn't as if he was even remotely friendly with her these past few weeks, Unlike Marrow that is. He quiet enjoyed toying with her and Luka didn't really care, besides Marrow Willowin was his best friend.

"How are you going to get back to the boys dormitory" Breaking him out of his silence with her question.

Luka stared down at his hands browned with dry blood. " There's a hallway through the library, but I can't go like this." Indicating to his blood splotched clothes.

Kira looked down at him for a moment before throwing her green jacket at him. " There." She stared at him as he put the jacket on, struggling though the sleeves. "Do you even know who I am?"

Luka unbuttoned the cuffs, not that it helped considering that it was a girls coat. "Doesn't everybody?"

Kira Serafith had made herself a bit unforgettable last year when she kept trying to convince teachers that there was a man in top floors that was following her at night, and then the heroin they found in her room a few weeks later didn't make her look any better. Marrow had told Luka that she was "just another rich crack-a-jack searching for attention" but he could see that this girl didn't go looking for attention but just naturally made it come her way, not for the better either.

She snorted at his answer and smiled. "Oh of course, but don't worry in not going to drug you and smother you in your sleep."

The veins behind his skin still throbbed and every time he blinked he could feel the blood flow through the thin membrane of his eyelid. He frowned "Not that it would matter I feel half dead anyway."

"You never really said why you're so sick in the first place."

He opened his lids halfway just to give a glance at her, he felt like lead had poured into all his cells. "Up there." He pointed a finger to the ceiling. "Something knocked me out up there a couple of days ago, something big." He scowled at the memory of the dark shadowed that grew on the walls.

He was just the butt end of the joke that day, fooled into throwing away Tyler and Marrow's cigarette butts up in another room upstairs. The room itself even felt damp. Luka only remembered throwing the butts in the corner and the shadows changing along the walls. He thought it strange that the shadows changed but the windows had no view to the sun. It was cold there and the first this that registered in Luka's brain was the impact of his body to the ground followed by the numbing pain in his back and then just black. He woke to the sound to Marrow yelling his name down the hall.

"Were the hell did you go man? Why didn't you answer?"

Luka looked at him and touched the middle of his back, there was no pain, no sting, nothing. He looked around the room trying to see into the shadows again. "I think I just must of fell, it's kind of wet in this room. Sorry."

Marrow stared at him not knowing what to make of what he said and then grinned. " Damn I didn't know you were so delicate, guess I'll have to keep a better eye on you"

"Yeah yeah, just shut up and throw your own crap away from now on."

"That's what you idiots get for going up there, thinking you're hot shit for hanging out in burned rooms. No wonder that guy probably gave you a good couple of swings to the head." Kira lifted her chin up a couple of inches as she spoke.

"What guy? there wasn't any guy up there." Was this part of the stories she tried to spread last year?

She waved her hand toward the ceiling as she spoke. "The guy! The one that watches everyone! There's probably more, who knows. And don't look at me like that, you don't even know what the hit you."

Luka didn't know what to say to her and he really didn't feel like putting up with her anymore either. The slow throb in his veins was subsiding but his head still felt like crap. "Are you high right now, didn't they make sure to take all your toys this year?"

Kira shifted on the bed, eyes narrowing down at him. " Don't think you can judge me off of one stupid fact, and don't think just because I'm not running off to tell anyone how the hell you came to my room that I don't know you didn't do some fucked up shit to her. So if you want to talk shit then talk but make sure you know who you're talking to."

Luka clenched his teeth at the nerve of the girl. " I wasn't judging I was just guessing considering the amount of crap that comes out of your mouth is just as bad as the amount that goes in I think I have that right and for the last time I didn't do anything!"

"You don't have any fucking right, not when you're asking for my help right here right now. Because I could run out of this room right now and scream bloody murder that you probably stabbed dipshit over there and possibly raped her!"

"I DIDN'T ASK FOR YOUR H--" Luka stopped at the sound of a groan.

Aria moaned and reached for her head, awoken by the sounds for bellowing coming from either side of her head. Blinking up and shielding her eyes away from the lamp that just seemed a little too bright. Looking around to see Kira sitting erect with her knees bent behind her and Luka on the floor. He looked better than before, but when was before and what had happened? That was when she noticed the front of her shirt stained in blood and screamed.