Whats wrong with me? All i want is to be the center of peoples lives. I want to be the only person their talking to, even if I'm talking to 20 people at he same time. I'll do anything, act however stupid, ask as many random and pointless questions just to keep their attention, but it never sticks. They talk to other people, play their games, watch their movies. So what if they're still talking to me? I can't help it, but I hurt. Why won't they pay me any attention? Why don't they like talking to me? What makes all those other people so much better? Maybe because I'm annoying, or act too stupid. Too demanding. Say 'no' too often. I'm such a hypocrite and selfish person. I do the very things I hate them doing. Why do I cry when they shoo me off to bed even if its only because I'm up way too late and will regret it later. I'm jealous of all their other friends, with whom it seems they enjoy talking to more so than with me. I feel like like investigating and questioning everyone to find out who they've been talking too and how much they're together. It never ends...it just gets buried beneath more layers. I certainly can't tell them because even I know these feelings are wrong. But who cares, right? I'll just cry myself to sleep tonight.