Chapter 4-The Clue

My diary lays in my favrite spot,

Where young couples come to meet,

A plant hangs above my door,

In the school where no one knows.

A puzzled look comes on the trios face. My diary lays in my favrite spot. Where was this spot? Where young couples come to meet. Wheredo couples meet? A plant hangs above my door. What plant hangs above the door? In the school where no one knows. Where in the school is a place where no one knows? They turn it over.

Amedia Usle. Clue riddle to hidden Diary of my Secrets and Dreams.

"Wow... what if this is the clue to the Yxle Amedia's Diary?" Simon said pointing to the clue. Jeremy and Lauren hits him. He falls to the ground with the pain. He stands up holding his right arm. "Ow" he moned. They roll their eyes and continue the day at Irand. Soon they are called back to the school to announce the second Yxle was found. The next day was the fifteenth of October and Jeremy was sure they'd have to drop out Halloween night. The dreawy atmosphere weighed down on their shoulders. They were walking the halls for the last middle month. Classes was the only time they were magerly exited until the twentyith.
"I've been researching and that clue we found? She is the brother of Godric R. Usle Jr. Belived to be the boy who became Madominus" said Lauren showing them a page in the book she was reading.
"Ah...a biography on Godric Jr..." said Simon.

Godric R. Usle Jr

Born-April 30, 1927 Died-July 7, 1998

Son of Godric R. Usle Sr, Godric Jr was always in trouble. He roamed the halls of Dven Magic School with his name feared. As his name became more and more feared the white in his eyes became red. His skin became pale. His hair started to fall out. He swore he'd never become a Dark Conquer. There is no absalute proof but from the rise of Madominus on July 10th of 1998 that Godric Jr is the Dark Conquer himself. After he finsihed school in 1939 he became a Divitations teacher at the school. In the winter of 1951 he sayed A dark conquer is ready to kill...ready to rip apart souls and flingle them into the uknown. One that will die and reborn with the help of his ten Yxles. His followers will conquer this school in the fall of 2011...The Pheonix Wand at the hands of his worst enemy... That was the day he was fired. The proficey came true in September of 2009 when he arose again the Dven school prepaired to strike.