Chapter 4

The rest of the night was spent frantically doing homework and thinking about everything Conner had had told me. I was mostly shocked and concerned, considering the way Conner looked. It was unimaginable that someone could be pushed to tears because they couldn't control an element, much less control the powers or elements controlling them. Conner did have a ring, couldn't that regulate his control in a way?

I pulled myself off the bed and walked down the hall and knocked on Darren's door.

"Who is it?" He shouted.

"Your sister. Can I come in?"

"Yeah. Quickly." I turned the knob and saw Darren smoking a clove cigarette and there was a candle flickering on his windowsill. I shut the door and plopped down on Darren's bed.

"What's wrong?" Darren asked.

"Well, it all start-''

"Okay, wait. There's something I wanna show you." Darren had a glimmer in his eye, and he seemed chipper and excited about something. he picked up a pipe off his bedside table and put it on his bed.

"Darren, what are you-'' I began, but Darren had begun to suspend the pipe in the air. His eyes were focused on the pipe, and then they were staring right at me. Then blankets, clothes, cigarettes, pillows, candles and random things started twirling around in the air. The flame of a candle fluttered as it somersaulted through the air; a pillow crashed into his closet as a blanket fell on my head, it's fibers permeated with the smell of smoke.

"Darren, you can-''

"Control air? Yep. Cool, huh?" He said, letting the objects drop.

"Wait," I said, as soon as the awe and shock subsided "aren't only the women in our family supposed to control elements?"

"I guess. But I must be special." Darren said, smirking as he brought a pipe, a lighter and a bag of weed over to the bed. He began to pack the pipe as I digested this.

"Have you told mom yet?"

"No. Should I?"

"I guess. Maybe she could explain this."

"Maybe. But I'll tell her later," Darren said and I nodded. "hey, what was wrong when you came in here?" It seemed like a lifetime ago that I was worrying about Conner, considering everything that Darren had just showed me.

"Oh. Well, I found out that Conner Falcon can control an element." I said.

"Falcon? Fuck no." Darren said, lighting the pipe up while it was at his lips. He sucked in as I told him everything Conner had told me; our ancestors, the ring, everything except the fact that he cried. I figured that that was the kind of thing to keep to myself. Darren sat, with an empty pipe in his hands, red laced eyes and a lost look on his face.

"Shit. Did he say what element he controls?" Darren asked, after a while.

"No. Can I have one of those?" I asked, gesturing at the pack of clove cigarettes in his hand. He handed me one, and instantly my hand was colder.

"Ow! Jesus Hayden! That fuckin' hurt!" Darren exclaimed, nursing his hand.


"You burned me. No need to dry my skin out."

"Weird. 'Cause my skin practically froze when you touched me."

"Crap. Mother dear is coming." I quickly put both mine and Darren's cigarettes out, and stashed them along with the other drug paraphernalia laying about, while Darren dropped some eye drops into his dried out eyes. A knock sounded at the door.

"Can I come in?" Our mother said.

"Yup." Darren called, wiping a last bit of the eye drop from his eyes, while I rapidly controlled the liquid so his eyes were the picture of sobriety.

"Hey. Dinner's fend for yourself. Sorry, I'm just not up to it tonight." My mother said. I nodded.

"That's cool." Darren said. I saw his eyes move over to a pile of chips and candy sitting on his desk. He lifted them and the were almost immediately on his lap.

"Hayden! How did you do that?" My mother exclaimed, her eyes alight and excited.

"It wasn't me. It was that one." I said, pointing at Darren.

"What?" my mother exclaimed, her eyes dimming and her expression confused.

"Yeah. I figured out how to do it today."

"That's not possible." My mother muttered, leaning down and sitting on the bed. She looked at Darren. "Do something. With the element I mean." Darren picked up all of his clothes and blankets scattered around the room and moved them all to the windowsill, pushing them and shaping them so they covered the windows. I could tell he was keeping them against the window with his mind by the way he was positioned. I couldn't explain it if I tried, but I think I do it too.

"Okay." My mother exhaled. "Ooo-kay." She said, breathing heavily.

"Alright. I have no idea how on earth to handle this." My mother said, after about five minutes of hyperventilating. "I don't know of any males that can control an element."

"Conner Falcon can." I said.

"What?" my mother said, and I explained everything Conner had told me to her. Darren and I exchanged a look. Mom looked terrified, scared shitless, if you will.

"Oh my. I guess you both know more then I do."

** ** **

October 29, 1835

My beloved Peter,

You have been away for much too long. I am worried and I must inform you that Charlotte has been strange. I don't understand what is happening with her, but lately any water she is around, terrifies her. She hasn't bathed and must use only a cloth and a basin. I am worried that she is having a mental episode and that will not look good, for either of our families. Please come back and assist me with her, and everything else. Things are too difficult around here for you to be absent. I am beginning to be cross with you, and I would rather not be. For I love you.


October 29, 1835

My love,

I miss you, even though you are a mere few feet away from me. This dinner is causing me boredom and I want nothing more than to be in your arms. After this insufferable meal is over, I will hand you this letter, filled with nothing but my love and longing for you, and you will blush. Why will I blush, you ask? Because, my Peter, this is an invitation for you to come to my room later tonight, because there is some sort of spirit in the wall that I need you to remove. When you leave early in the morn, and someone is to see you, and ask you, "Mr. Gilbert, why were you in Ms. Falcon's room so early? There was terrible noise coming from there earlier." You'll simply smile, as your face will turn scarlet, since you are a terrible liar, and reply, "I was simply helping Ms. Falcon with a poltergeist in the wall. Blasted spirit! Kept Ms. Falcon and myself up all night. The noise was simply Ms. Falcon given a fright and jumping at me, causing a pain in my shoulder that was hurt in last year's battle, causing me to grunt and howl in pain. I am terribly sorry to disturb you." And then you will nod at whoever sees you, go back to your chamber, lay in your bed after you've undressed. The moonlight will pour in on your bed as it will mine, and you will think about how you need me and want to be back with me. In the sheets that have been tainted with the breakage of innocence and the revel of splendor, I will lay with my eyes open thinking of how I need you back with me. Oh, dear. The insufferable Ms. Pier is leaning over my shoulder. I must bid you ado.

Love, Catherine

October 30, 1835

Dear Diary,

Peter has just left. I lay here, caught up in damp sheets and bliss. I may be thought of as impure, but I don't care. I have had the most amazing night, and it feels like this was my first time. I am writing this by only the dim flicker of a candle and the bright stream of moonlight coming from my window. Whenever I roll over, I can smell Peter's scent. I smile at the thought of him on top of me, and how before he left he kissed me and told me he loved me. I must go and loose myself in thoughts of Peter.