Woke up today to find this is as good as it gets

And this is about the time when my doubts become a threat

Hands become a sweaty mess

Words can't find their place

But here

It's all so very clear

When I dissolve into your face

Yesterday you told me mine's the dumbest face you see

I laughed and smiled to hear that from someone who wasn't me

When my psyche self-destructs

I know you'll wipe the ash away

Rest assured

When I can't be heard

There are some things words can't say

Tomorrow we may see all of our ridiculous dreams come true

Or maybe not but disappointment doesn't stick with you

And I've never felt so fearless

And we've never looked so fine

It's no fuss

If this world turns its back to us

I swear you'll never see mine

They may try to twist our heads

Make the truth appear as lies

Don't frown

If it all starts crashing down

We'll hold hands as it dies

If darkness and fear take everything

And all we're left with is this rhyme

Who cares?

We don't need anywhere

Love exists in time.