This was quite possibly the dumbest thing she had ever done. Of all the ways to relieve the tedious boredom of her cream colored vanilla life in the small town of Chesterton hiking into the woods behind the high school to hide eggs seemed like the most ridiculous. Of course those eggs were intended for the school's cheerleading team in protest of their uniforms that seemed to shrink every year. She herself could care less about skirt lengths and wanted to protest the highly fascist nature of pep rallies and such but that was clearly above the IQ level of her co-conspirators. High school really didn't matter to anyone except the uber-peppy heavy in activities types or the outcast overly emotional life sucks types. If you were just a regular eighteen year old senior who didn't particularly enjoy your classmates enough to want to spend your after school hours with them, school was pretty much the same as everything else. Never ending boredom.

When Chris and Todd, who couldn't be more generic, had originally approached her with the plan she had heartily agreed. Anything to not have to be in her perfect two story house with it's two car garage, two younger siblings, one dog, and one cat. She even had a white picket fence. A recent study had shown that the majority of American families were now qualified as dysfunctional. Trust her to wind up in the minority. "Ok I think this is good." Chris said to Todd who nodded in confirmation. Funny neither of them asked her opinion even though she was the one hauling the eggs. "We're just going to leave the bag here and then Olivia will come get it tomorrow."

"Whoa wait, why am I getting them?" She held up a hand and glared them both down.

"We don't have a free period before then."

"And I do?"

"You're a senior." She rolled her eyes and promptly felt like smacking them both upside their heads.

"Fine, whatever. So I pick up the eggs and then meet you in the locker room right?"

"Right." They said in unison. A twig snapped off to her right so she turned to look in that direction, as if she could see anything in the darkness. Although just as she'd turned she could've sworn she caught a glimpse of yellow eyes, but that couldn't be.

"Uh, guys I think we should hurry up and get out of here." She said in a shaky voice, hating it but unable to stifle it.

"Afraid of the dark Liv? Somehow I so did not picture that."

"Yea I thought you were all in with the Prince of Darkness." She rolled her eyes and tried not to click her tongue at them.

"The Prince of Darkness refers to Lucifer you half wit and I'm not afraid of the dark I just think I saw one of the Martin's Dobermans over there. You know how friendly they are." She looked back to the brush once more but couldn't make out a thing.

"Yea, yea whatever Liv. Just drop the backpack and we'll head home." She hated the condescending tone these two young boys were using with her but I served her purpose so why fight it? With a loud sigh that neither of seemed to get she put the bag at the base of the tree and turned to head back the way they'd come. She turned on her flashlight just in case it was the Doberman. The boys rushed ahead of her and were chattering about her apparent fear of darkness calling her a 'stupid girl' repeatedly. She could feel her teeth grinding in frustration but by the time she'd reached the boiling point she tripped and fell on her face.

Or at least that was her initial snap assessment. After the first two seconds the shock wore off and the pain that started in her ankle shot up her leg. She turned onto her back to see a large black dog with glowing yellow eyes firmly latched onto her leg by its teeth. She felt her eyes widen and then she yelled for the boys who had no doubt kept walking. She heard a low growl rumble from the dog that had a hold of her and no matter how she wiggled it wouldn't let her go. Besides wiggling created more pain and blood. She could smell it now and was not pleased. These were her favorite jeans. She heard muttered gibberish from behind her and turned onto her stomach again to see both boys pointing at the dog. The dog gave her ankle a rough shake causing her to shout in pain again. The boys, chivalrous stout heroes that they were, turned and ran into the night. Just leaving her there. She yelled her gratitude after them with multiple obscenities to strengthen her response. Neither came back. So now she could either be eaten by the Martin's demonic guard dog or try and fight it off herself.

Flipping back onto her stomach she saw the beast watching her with eyes that seemed freakishly intelligent. When she tried to pull her foot away it bit down harder and growled again. She racked her brain trying to remember how to deal with wild animals but nothing came to mind besides not back down, unless it was a bear. She shifted her weight to the right so she could lift her free leg and then she kicked the dog in the face, hard. It worked for Angelina Jolie and the shark and low it worked for her too. Once she was free of the dog she snatched her flashlight and began to run towards the nearest light she could see. The creature let out a nasty growl and then charged after her, heavy footfalls giving the entire episode a horror movie feel. Of course as anyone who has ever tried to outrun a freakishly large dog will tell you, they win. Every time.

The dog landed on her back and took her down to the ground again this time sinking its teeth into her shoulder. She screamed out loud simultaneously hoping to draw some attention and frighten the beast. Neither happened. Abruptly she was angry and refused to be a statistic on the rates of animal attacks. She tossed and turned until the dog got off her and then she rolled away from it cradling her wounded shoulder. She watched it as it circled her menacingly slow, their eyes never leaving each other. She knew it was going to charge once it finally stood still and leaned back ever so slightly so she groped around for a branch or something to hit it with. Luck was with her and her hand found a thick branch resting on the ground behind her. When the dog lunged she grabbed it and swung feeling a disturbing amount of satisfaction as it connected with the animal's skull, loudly. It lay on the ground stunned giving her more than enough time to get away.

She ran the whole way home. Despite burning lungs and the distinct dizziness that was no doubt due to the blood loss. Her house was dark when she got home meaning her parents and siblings were still asleep. She crept in through her window as quietly as she could and dropped to the floor with relief. She was still breathing too heavy so she gave herself a moment to calm down before trying to stop the bleeding. Groaning as she rose she stripped her clothing off and limped her way to her private bathroom. That was the nicest thing about living in the finished off basement in her opinion. She yelped when the hot water hit the wound on her shoulder but after the initial pain it subsided. She leaned her head against the tile wall and just relaxed under the water.

Being naturally clumsy had finally found a selling point in the overstocked first aid kit in her bathroom and the ability to dress her own wounds. Of course none of those had ever been this serious, barring the kitchen incident that had resulted in stitches when she was twelve. She had disinfected, gauzed, and taped both puncture sights in record time. She felt the events of the evening and the late hour taking their toll on her eyelids as they drooped down. Stumbling into her room she pulled on a pair of pajamas and lay down in her bed. She was back up in minutes nearly sweating to death. Her forehead was hot to the touch so with a muttered curse she popped two Advil and stripped down to her underwear. Hopefully the fever would be long gone by the morning.

As she drifted to sleep she saw a male face appear in her window with stunningly grey eyes. She was too far gone to sleep land however to muster the strength to wake up more. It was probably just the start of a dream anyways.

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