Olivia collapsed into the soft grass with a satisfied sigh and a smile. She was almost completely relaxed. There were certain things that would have to wait for her mate to be well enough to partake in these night time romps to make her one hundred percent satiated but she wasn't about to complain. Noah was amazing. He was patient with her even though she scared away their prey more than once. He tended to wait for her and make sure she didn't get lost but he wouldn't slow down to match her pace or anything. And if she initiated some playful chasing, well he just went right along with it. Even though he always won. But it didn't matter. He was teaching her how to be a wolf and she appreciated it. In fact she was actually getting comfortable with the whole changing thing and she was warming up to the unavoidable nudity. Again Noah seemed to understand and allowed her privacy to change.

She listened with her extended sensory range to all the sounds of the night. It had been an intimidating idea at first, her and Noah. He was after all the most wolfish of them all, according to Connor. But it turned out he was far less terrifying than Darien and Erik in their wolf forms. Although, Erik was pretty much just scary. Period. Noah had laughed when she'd told him that. She heard his footsteps approaching and listened as he folded himself onto the ground beside her somewhat more elegantly than the flop she'd used. Whatever. "So, how do you feel?"

"Pretty damn good." She said with a stretch that went all the way to her feet.

"Good, cause next month I'm not holding your hand." She smiled. No of course not. Connor was going to be fine and probably more than insistent on hovering over her himself. But she let Noah have his image.

"I've got it. I could always use more practice obviously but I got the basics." She heard Noah sigh and stretch his arms out under his head. "So where do you live?" She asked.

"Anywhere really. I spend more time as a wolf." She had the impression he shrugged.

"Is that where you're going to go after this?"

"I'm sticking around for awhile actually. The older men seem to feel a little extra protection and help for you wouldn't be a bad thing. Until you're out of school and out of the newborn stuff." He amended when he saw her scowl. She couldn't really argue. She had been snatched right off their property after all.

"Can I ask you something? It's incredibly personal." She said softly.

"You can ask, I might not answer."

"It's just, Connor told me about what happened. To your…" She paused unsure of the word to use.

"Mate? Yeah I figured he did. But that wasn't a question."

"I was just wondering how. He didn't go into specifics." There was a heavy sigh beside her.

"Car accident."

"Oh." They were quiet for a moment and just stared at the stars. Then Noah's voice came again, this time much deeper and barely above a whisper.

"We were driving to my parents' house in the winter. I was driving slow cause it was really bad but she said something to me so I turned my head to smile. The car coming the other way crossed the middle and I swerved to avoid him but the tires hit ice and we spun out of control. We ended up in a ditch. I remember waking up and the car being upside down. I could smell the gas leaking out of the engine. I remember getting us both out of the car and I remember her asking me if I was okay. Even though she was the one who was hurt worse. Then I woke up in the hospital and they told me she was gone." His voice trailed away at the end. He sounded so sad, so broken that Olivia regretted bringing it up. She hadn't expected that much sharing at all but maybe he'd just needed to get it off his chest. Someone who was more objective to listen.

"I'm sorry Noah."

"It's not your fault."

"Doesn't mean I'm not sorry." She fidgeted around trying to think of the best way to put the next question she wanted to ask. "Do you ever think that maybe she wasn't your mate?" She turned on her side as she said it and was not surprised by the angry glare that came back at her. She shrugged. "I'm just saying, Connor says that mates don't outlive each other. They just can't take it."

"I know." Noah said softly.

"It's been five years right."

"Look I know!" Noah said hotly sitting back up and wrapping his thick arms around his knees. "I have heard this all before okay. She's still the first thing I think about every morning and the last thing I think about every night. I have absolutely no interest in any other woman out there. I don't even want to look. And I would give anything to go back to that night." Olivia sat up too but she folded her legs so she could lean in closer to Noah. Werewolves liked physical contact, they found it soothing and comforting. Even she was warming up to it.

"I'm not trying to be mean I just, I like you and I don't want you to be in pain is all." She laughed and rested her chin on his forearm until he looked at her again. "Well that and I'm a horribly blunt person."

"I'm not angry at you. It's just frustrating. I have a very large family and you aren't the first one to mention it."

"Well, it's a pretty black and white thing right? This whole mating business?"

"Yeah." He said giving her a suspicious look.

"Well then there are only two options here." She watched as his eyebrow rose in question.


"Either she wasn't your mate or she isn't dead." His eyes flared.

"We buried her. She's definitely dead Liv." Olivia shrugged.

"Stranger things have happened. I'm just saying that if you feel that strongly that she is your mate than maybe you should look into things a little more. Or accept that she wasn't and let her go. It doesn't mean you didn't love her, that you don't still." Noah was very quiet for a long time before he reached an arm out and encircled Olivia with it, pulling her close to his side.

"You're alright Liv, you know that?"

"I do know that. But I don't mind hearing it." She smiled as she felt more than heard Noah chuckle. "Can I ask one more question?" He frowned but nodded. "What was her name?" His eyes widened and blinked a couple times before he responded.

"Carlie. Her name was Carlie." Olivia smiled. Suddenly Noah was on his feet and holding out his hand for her. "It's getting late and Connor is going to have my ass if I don't get you back inside." She smiled but took the proffered hand. They made their way inside and Noah disappeared into the guest wing with his hands shoved in his pockets and his shoulders hunched in. Damn she shouldn't have said anything. But maybe, maybe he'd listen to her and finally let it go. She turned and headed up the stairs, taking them two at a time, and then frowned deeply when Connor's bedroom door swung open. He stood there smiling impishly at her with only a pair of sweat pants on. The wound had healed in the last two days but his body was still trying to get rid of the silver.

"You do understand that the concept of bed rest involves you being in the bed resting right?" She asked hoping her expression was coming off as cross instead of relived and slightly amused. He flashed wide innocent eyes.

"Yes. And I have been in that bed resting for the past two days. I am no longer tired." He gave her a look that she knew well but she brushed past him and heard him shut the door behind her.

"You can give me all the lecherous looks you want mister. You're still going back to bed."

"I was doing no such thing but I'll happily return to bed if you come with me." He flashed all of his teeth with that smile.

"I need a shower and then I will come to bed." She turned around without waiting for a response and headed for the bathroom. She stripped her clothes off as she went dropping them onto the floor with every intention of picking them back up once she was clean. She turned on the water, impressed all over again by the way it was instantly hot and stepped in. She barely got her feet wet when she felt a warm body step in behind her. "Connor!" His eyes widened in mock shock but the grin ruined the image. "You are not supposed to be…"

"Clean? Why Olivia that's just rude." She tried to frown but he pushed her up against the shower wall and bent down to kiss her. Damn her traitorous hormones but she kissed him back and even wrapped her arms around his neck. Not a good plan. Pressing their bodies together that way was most certainly not a way to get the situation to cool down. Connor's tongue found its way into her mouth and her hedonistic side started to win the argument with logic. Elizabeth had said that he needed to rest right? Right? Hadn't she said something about sex? Damnit she couldn't remember.

"Connor." She growled.

"Yes dear?" His hands found her breasts and kneaded them gently. She gasped and felt her head fall back against the wall.

"This is not resting." He decided to ignore that comment and claimed a nipple between his lips. Yup this was definitely not resting. She knew that letting this continue was a very bad idea but she let it go. She closed her eyes and sank back against the wall and let Connor kiss and touch where he pleased. She sighed happily. He knew his own body right? He would know if he wasn't up to this and clearly he was so she didn't have to feel so guilty about it. At least that's what she was going to tell herself. He hooked his arms under her knees and lifted her gently off the floor sliding her up the wall. Since he didn't even let out a grunt she figured that counted and she didn't have to stop them. She could feel him pressed against her, right where they both wanted him to be. When he reclaimed her lips in a bruising lock all other coherent thought fled the onslaught. She moaned happily and grabbed onto his shoulders. He joined them as closely as two people can be joined with one good thrust. "Elizabeth is going to kill me." She muttered against his lips but enjoyed the smug smirk on his face all the same.

After they'd made love, twice, and then actually showered they collapsed back into bed and curled around each other under the covers. "So how did everything go?" He asked her after making sure she was completely comfortable.

"It's all good. I think I'm actually getting the hang of changing." He smiled happily but it didn't quite reach his eyes. "Hey, what gives? Thought you would be like ecstatic about the whole thing?"

"I lied to you though. I was supposed to be there, every minute of every day." She pretended to look thoughtful and then gave him a kiss.

"You got shot; I think I'll let it slide this time." He frowned. "Connor really, you have to be a little reasonable. It's not like I was alone. There was somebody watching me the entire time and that was part of the promise you made." She frowned slightly. "Although I think Noah may not speak to me for awhile."


"Well." She shifted and looked away feeling even more like an ass now. "We were talking about Carlie." She felt Connor tense. "It's just that after this whole debacle I think I'm starting to understand the mate thing better. I thought maybe if he talked about it with someone like me, someone who wasn't technically family, he might see it in a new light."

"And naturally you weren't very subtle about it."

"I'm not a subtle woman."

"I've noticed." She smiled. "It's a good idea. I just hope he listens." She snuggled in closer and took a playful nip at Connor's jaw before settling her head down onto chest. "Liv?"


"Marry me." Her head snapped back up and she gazed down at him. "I'm serious."


"Listen. I want you to be mine."

"I am yours."

"In every way possible." She sighed. "Think about it. What would happen if something happened to you? An accident or something and you were in a hospital? They wouldn't let me do anything. They'd have to wait for your parents' permission. And vice versa." Appealing to her logical half, boy was just evil.

"I think if one of us was in a hospital we might have more pressing things to worry about." She argued. God knew they couldn't let anyone test them and see the difference.

"That's just my point. They wouldn't let me tell them not to test you. I'm not your next of kin."

"Try to remember I'm only eighteen." He sighed frustrated.

"Do you want to marry me Liv?"

"Yes." She blinked once surprised by how quickly she'd given the answer. It was the truth but it was still a little weird to hear it out loud.

"Then let the people who will look at us funny deal with it. That's their problem. You want to be with me, I want to be with you. End of problem." She smiled at him. He watched, waiting for her to make a decision that she'd already made. With a groan and an eye roll she flopped onto her back.

"You have to wait until I graduate high school at least. That is not an unfair request."

"No it isn't."

"And you can't say anything ridiculous to my parents until then either." She warned giving him a stern face.

"Can I buy you a ring?" He asked with a big beaming smile. She sighed.

"How about we look at them together?" She compromised.

"Man you just suck all the romance right out of this." He whined. She stuck her tongue out.

"I just don't want some gigantic gaudy rock that can be seen for miles around."

"Would I do something like that?" She scowled at him.

"Use a symbolic romantic gesture to explain to the entire planet I'm your wife? Why no you wouldn't whatever was I thinking." He grinned and nuzzled his face into her neck.

"I promise I won't go overboard and yes we can look at some together but you have to give me a few to choose from so it can still be a surprise. Deal?" She thought it over and lost her train of though completely when she felt teeth graze her shoulder line.

"Alright. Although using seduction in a negotiation is strictly speaking cheating."

"I'm not trying to seduce you into letting me surprise you." She made a noise of disbelief because words were getting harder to formulate. "I'm not." He insisted. When she didn't say anything he moved away and just stared down at her with intense emotion pouring out of his golden eyes. "I just like it when you say you're my wife." She smirked at him and ran her hands up his arms.

"Oh. Now I understand." He smiled triumphantly. "So you don't think Olivia Jane Wahl sounds too pretentious then?" If his smile got any broader it was going to break his face in half.

"Nope. Although, this does mean you're submitting to me. You sure you're okay with that?"

"Yeah." She smiled and twisted herself against him, stoking a burning coal into a heady blaze. "I'm okay with it."

Author's Note: Well there it is. The end of Olivia and Connor. For now at least. I want to thank everyone who has read, reviewed, added, and even just glanced at this story. Thank you for helping me make this the story it is I loved writing it! It was originally based off of a writing prompt and I think I covered it pretty well. So now we switch gears into Noah, which I foreshadowed here a bit for you. Be warned Noah's story is a little more adult theme wise because he and Carlie are older. Thank you again for all of your support. You guys are amazing