Congratulations! So you decided to join the drama club (I guess the "Glee" club wasn't accepting more members...); so, before we start, this is the kind of characters you're going to see. Good night, and good luck.

-The "hardcore" lesbian working on the stage crew (since the director thinks she's not "pretty" enough to act)

-The campy gay guy. He either acts or designs the costumes (sometimes both)

-The jerk jock that ended up there as a punishment

-The goth guy suggesting the most disgusting gore play

-The over-the-top actor THAT DOESN'T HAVE AN INTERIOR VOICE!!!!!!

-The shy girl that ended up there because she wants to spend time with the guy she secretly loves

-The idiotic nerdy guy that ended up there because he wants to spend time with the gal he secretly loves

-The optimistic cute girl always cheering up the whole production (she eventually becomes VERY annoying)

-The kid who joined after watching "High School Musical"

-The frustrated writer

-The emo teen that never does a thing and will complain if you ask him/her to do the simplest task

If you see two or more of those characters, congratulations: you had a real drama club "experience": live it and enjoy it, once it's over, you're going to miss it.