The Blizzard Dragon

She flies on giant bat wings with stealth;

Her wing beats sound like a blizzard wind

Only in cold does she have full health,

And in warm climates she cannot grin.

Her body is so cold that it must stay so,

'Cause heat can make her so ill she dies.

She camouflages so well, you never know,

If on you she has her keen light blue eyes.

She bears the name Freisa very well;

The name spins off the word "freezer."

If you can ever watch her, you can tell

The way she hunts seems to please her

In the air, she waves her long body around.

Other animals know her as their death,

For if they were ever to be by her found,

They will surely feel her subzero breath.

In this arctic land of fierce cold blizzards,

Freisa is undisputedly queen of the lizards.

Author's Note: Poem based on a dragon I created in spring of 2009 for an online game that just was just recently released on Facebook. The naming process is described here, and any exactness or similarity there was about the name to other characters, beings, myths, etc., are purely coincidental.