Love in the Night

He has an endless life and appetite

And terrorizes a nearby tiny town

Though he may have great might

He can't shake her eyes of brown

Her hair of red and skin so fair

He visits her one night to express

What life he will with her share

Her dreams he says he'll address

For she dreams of a life exciting

He can offer one if she so desires

He flees without landing a biting*

Back to his castle full of vampires

She is enticed by the Count's call

But the next day she's abducted

Taken away to him to await a ball

To stay 'til then, she was instructed

Though she didn't mind in the least

She's suddenly drawn to the master

Like the tale of "Beauty and the Beast"**

Such thoughts made her pulse faster

Torn between light and eternal passion,

Her heart felt like it was in a total eclipse***

She chose later at that ball of old-fashion

And he was allowed a bite without miss

Author's Notes:

* For those who haven't seen the musical, the vampire comes close to biting her on the described visit, but when he is discovered, he flees before landing the bite.

** Reference was originally a play on words to have a rhyme to "least", and as I mentally tested the word "beast," the similarities between the stories hit me, so I was glad that turned out to fit in more ways than one.

*** "Total" included as a shout-out reference to the love song between the count and the girl; the songs in the musical were provided by the writer of such songs as "Total Eclipse of the Heart", one of his songs that he recycled for the musical, as said love song. Also, "total" was included here to complete line length and rhythm continuity.