Yes, this might be a little rough but it is an RPG. My friend and I did this on our RP site.

Me: She felt the breath burn her throat, drying what little or nonexistent saliva that was left as she coughed and chocked back the wracking sobs that took over her form. How had it come to fleeing when she had only come to say 'hi' and then pay that stupid... something snapped, several foot steps before someone spoke in a quick low tone that sent a cold shiver of fear down her spine before they passed, not taking one second to glance in the door that she had taken the liberty of hiding behind. She exhaled slowly, taking a few minutes to 'hear' as much of her surroundings as she could threw the rapid beating of her heart in her ears. She nodded, feeling some small safety in that move, before adventuring out into the street and heading down some random ally. She turned, weaving through random and unidentifiable objects before stopping behind some large dumpster. Her breathing more sharp to her ears before her eyes closes not of her own strength and she slide down the cold metal side of the giant trash 'box'. "Shit, shit..." she cried.

Her mind slowly began to shut off as she remembered what had happened. She had calmly, though jumpily, entered the warehouse to pay the debt that she had to pay. She had double checked that very morning to make sure she had it all before she paused at the man's door. She heard some muffled voices before something clicked a few times. Smoke floated under the door and her eyes had widened until she heard a stifle cry of pain. Time slowed in her mind as she looked at the dark, peeling paint, and felt her blood pooling around her feet in an icy cold fear that replaced it threw out her body. 'What is going on!?' she had thought, thinking it was some joke, something to scare her. A small soft and almost unheard movement behind her made her turn swiftly, pinning her back to the door with a loud hammering slam as her eyes stared into cold blue eyes of a man smoking a cigarette. His hair had fallen out of his hat falling around his shoulders before he lifted his head to look her over. She had to crank her neck in order to see him fully.

He smiled, softly, almost making her fear vanish, until his hand twitched at his side and all her nerves turn into an angry jolt of horror making her legs move faster then she had ever ran before in her life- a feat that she had to say was impossible with or without adrenaline pumping threw her body- and she left the building with less time it took the blue eyed man to realize she had vanished.

She huffed, her eyes still closed as she remembered that was why she know was running from them, the men that she had only went to visit to 'repay' for their loan. Her throat tightened as her mind clearly showed those blue eyes. Almost warm, almost ... almost... no words jumbled to the front of her mind to tell her what they reminded her of.

Lotus: Ran around the corner, heavy boots splashing in the filthy water on the asphalt in the dark, just as the blue eyed man disappeared into the shadows her white-blue eyes catching the orange, eerie streetlight. "Hiei? HIEI!" Seeing her friend crumpled in a miserable pile on the damp pavement against the dumpster like a broken doll was angering. "Who the fuck did this to you!?"

Me: Hiei jumped, her head snapping around to look at Lotus and the tears quickened their pace down her cheeks. "I... I only..." she felt the lump in her throat constrict before she closed her burning eyes and leaned her head on the dumpster. The sharp smell of rotting meat, rotten fruits and veggies making her stomach turn before she tried to get up. Her legs wobbled before she collapsed back down. "I didn't even... The debt... I... I ran Lotus."

Lotus: Even as the words left Hiei's mouth, Lotus had already trotted over to her side. "What? What debt? What happened?"

Me: he glanced up at Lotus before a ghost of a smile crossed her face. "The rent, I lost my job a while ago... I just finally got another one... I asked if I could get enough... to pay." she felt weak, pathetic, but in a way glad that Lotus had found her. Though why her friend was here in the darker parts of town was roaming close to the tip of her mind.

Lotus: As she reached over to help her friend to her feet, a bit of her blonde hair moved from the back of her neck, revealing a strange pair of lacerations moving in a horizontal fashion down across her shoulder, under the sleeve and strap of her white wife beater and black bra. "Come on; let's get you out of here."

Me: Hiei nodded as she stood on her two feet steadier then before as she walked back to the main street. It was difficult as she ran a hand threw her short brown hair making some of it stand up while the others fluffed up. She took a steady breath before nodding, "Thanks Lotus." she said a small though hardly noticeable tremor running threw her voice.

Lotus: "It's not a problem." She followed Hiei to the street, fists clenched, a tooth on a leather cord around her neck, and gray jacket tied around her waist, hanging loosely over her blue jeans. "Who was that man...?"

Me: Hiei paused. She looked at Lotus before her eyes grew slightly in fear. "I don't know. I-I turned around after hearing something. He was there... his arm twitched... I bolted." she felt stupid but her mind knew that most likely he had a gun he was reaching for.

Lotus: Lotus's eyes, usually kind, were creepy now; full of some kind of violent fire, but her outer self was almost perfectly still. "Hiei, I'm going to kill him if I see him, and I'm going to hunt him down, and I am going to grind his flesh and bones into a bitter pulp."

Me: Hiei looked at her friend, smiling. "You don't need to do that. I... I should go back and give them the money... get this whole mess sorted out." she felt a ripped of fear for the man if SHE did see him, for whether it was a gun, knife, or even some other weapon she could not name he would die. She was so much like her boyfriend that she laughed-short and abrupt- and rounded a corner.

Lotus: Lotus sighed and hopped into the street. The back of her shirt was soaked with blood from her cut. Suddenly the headlights of a speeding car came screeching around the corner and plowed into Lotus, who flew several feet, spiraling through the air. This was no random act. These people were the ones who gave her the wound, and were here now to finish the job.

Me: Hiei screamed as she ran to her friend, skidding on her knees as she dropped down and move her friends head into her lap screaming her name over and over hoping for some response. She noticed the blood dripping down onto her pants. Hiei's head shot up as the car door opened and she felt more fear rip up her spin almost rendering her body immobile until she felt all her energy jump into her arms and legs as she hefted Lotus almost over her shoulder, gripping her waist band and ran for all the life that Lotus had and she could cling on to. She knew it was an amount that could reach heaven, and she felt the sting of tears. "Shit shit..."

Lotus: Ugh..." Lotus sat up and cracked her neck. "Kinda rude, aren't they?" Lotus looks at Hiei after sitting up, "These idiots never give up." The men got out of the car, armed with handguns and flak jackets under their suits. "We can't have a monster like you on the city streets, Lotus, so we've got to kill you. Just let us put you down, come quietly, you rabid bitch." Lotus cocked a brow and jutted her head back at the remark. "Hiei, I'm not a biiiiitch."

Me: Hiei almost snorted at the men, they obviously didn't know Lotus or her boyfriend. She shivered remembering who it was. "I know you're not, Lotus. You've saved me far to many times for me to even consider that." she smiled at her friend as she turned a corner only to stop at the blue eyed man. "But I do think my bad luck is running amuck."

Lotus: caught the blue-eyed man in the corner of her eye. "Hiei... watch out...!" She leapt to her feet, and dashed at the gunmen, clutching her bruised ribcage with one arm, and with the other, used a fist, open hand, and fingernails to quickly disarm the men, then fired a shot at Hiei's previous assailant.

Me: Hiei blinked before her flight part of her mind that desired to flee the area almost over powered her. She had been in her own scruff due to the area that Lotus and she grew up in but she detested violence. "Lotus..." she turned towards the blue eyed man who fell to his knees his eyes wide as he looked at her then at Lotus before he grimaced and collapsed. She turned to see move men coming closer to them and thought it would be best in this situation to gain some way of an upper advantage. "Why do you drag me into this?" she said in a whisper before running to her friend's side, almost pleading her to escape with her.

Lotus: ran alongside Hiei, a look of extreme guilt twisting her face. "It is because we are allies they want you..." She thought hard about where they were going but realized there was no destination in mind. They couldn't go back to Lotus and Night's apartment, and they couldn't go to Hiei's either.

Me: Hiei frowned. "Ironic." she said rolling her eyes before looking around trying to find someplace they could hang low at. "Where can we hide out?" she said shivering knowing that, though Night was strong, she didn't quite trust him: No matter what Lotus would say against her fear.

Lotus: Lotus bit her lip in fear. She couldn't ask Night for help and get him involved, but if these agents knew what he was, like her, they would want him too. She had to protect him as long as she could. That would mean leaving without telling him where she was going. "Maybe we should leave the country for a while."

Me: Hiei gagged out nearly tripping and looked at Lotus. In all honesty this wasn't the first time Lotus or she had been in this situation. "Just like last time..." that time was her mistake, dragging Lotus- who in all reality was to blame for them running to some rundown country- and she sighed."Any 'other' choice, I don't want to drop EVERY thing like that time."

Lotus: "I wish we could take Night with us. I wish we could go back to our respective homes or something. But all we can do now is run. It's my fault. All of this is my fault..." She started to run out of breath, her laceration still bleeding profusely, her side aching from the car attack.

Me: Hiei looked back to see that they weren't being followed before looking at the street name, she smirked. "I know where we can go to hang low tell we reach the airport." and she turned down towards 'Z'. A dead bolt of a place that only those who've 'been' part of it could be. Lotus and she were known there since they were little. "We can get you stitched up there Lotus."

Lotus: "If they follow us here they'll get all of us, and I can't protect Z in this condition. I don't know if we should endanger the crew like this..." She thought of Night, the people she and Hiei had always loved and left behind. "I wish I could die... I wish I could... I'm so tired of running and leaving people I love, Hiei."

Me: Hiei nodded, this was why she had left Z. She didn't like to leave those she loved, maybe never coming back. She looked at some of the cars and pointed to them, "Do you think we have enough time to hot wire one up then?" Maybe... she sighed. Maybe when this was all over Lotus would leave, Night also. "I understand..."

Lotus: "Come on." She grabbed Hiei's hand and darted into a truck of produce. "Let's wait here till Night sniffs us out. Won't be too hard or anything, considering we're sweaty and bloody. At least our tracking skills give us an advantage over the agents."

Me: Hiei laughed, it was true. After all that training you are bound to get good at it, even after all the time she 'left' it behind. "You're right." she relaxed before moving to remove her sweater and rip it. "I'll try to stem the bleeding though, don't want that man of yours killing me if I didn't keep you alive for him."

Lotus: "Bah, he'd probably drag me back from death to kill me himself for being stupid, knowing him." Lotus threw off her wife beater and moved her hair over her shoulder so Hiei could get to the cut.

Me: she laughed, knowing it to be true. "Yes that is true." she applied pressure on the wound with a piece of clothe then another when it seeped through until she had several layers. "You'll need stitches when this is done." she began to wrap a longer piece around Lotus to keep the material from falling it they moved, though it would hinder mobility a little but it would stay. "It feels like I've never left. That is Z, I mean."

Lotus: "I won't need stitches; it'll be closed by morning. The mutation is progressing." She lay back against a huge package of lettuce, the coldness of the leaves soothing her purple, bruised side. "Fucking car must have broken my rib though, that'll be a while, ha ha. Do you have any wounds? That creepy blue-eyed guy really knocked your shit out."

Me: Hiei sighed. She had forgotten the mutation. Something almost knew to Z. "I didn't know it was 'that' far now." she looked down at herself and laughed. "Nah, I'll be fine, it might take a lot longer for me to heal though." she looked down at her. "How bad is Night?"

Lotus: "Oh, he's getting along too. He stopped eating people. I think." Lotus wondered why Hiei asked how 'bad' it was. All the mutation seemed to do was heighten senses, physical prowess, and regeneration, with the downside of craving human flesh here and there. She didn't see what was so bad about that.

Night: The night was peaceful and soft, a bat flying through the trees, a soft fire and a family having dinner at the table. The head of the family smiled at his son and wife before coughing, coughing violently, even more so than he thought was possible. The man dropped to the floor and began to convulse, his wife rushing to his side to be grasped by his clenching fist and eyes that rolled to the back of his skull. She whimpered and her son sunk in his corner as the man cried from somewhere deep in his chest and out of that chest rose a hand. A hand that looked worked over, a hand that reached forth and ripped through the lungs and rib cage of this crying-sub-human thing. A face rose from the chest, covered in a thick layer of the man's fat, the blank eyes opened and a tongue reached out and licked around. The woman covered in blood watched as the face screamed in what seemed red "I RISE" from her withering husbands chest.

Me: Hiei turned violently and nearly vomited at the thoughts of 'eating' people. "That... that is why I hate it!" she thought of how the mutation made you... hearing how some of the 'newer' members actually turned on a wounded comrade just at the 'smell' of blood. "To... to kill... just too... "Her stomach turned and she nearly allowed all the contents in her stomach out on the side walk. She always had a nervous stomach.

Lotus: Lotus heard the nearby screams of a woman and her son. "Aw, shit, not again." She jumped out from the truck and looked up at an apartment window. "Hiei... shit... We gotta get up there." Lotus scrambled up the wall and to the window, hanging onto the wall with her fingertips, peeking in. "Yeah, it's this one here."

Me: Hiei groaned. Already she could tell that he luck was horrible. "I 'can't' climb walls!" she almost wanted to shout before counting the windows and running through the front door and heading up to the floor and door before barging in. She flinched, the stench was enough that she took a step back before she looked at the person in the 'man's' chest-if she could say it was a man now after that much damage to the body- and growled.

Lotus: Threw herself through the window, rolling across the floor, and into the room where the family had been eating dinner, and looked at the man's chest in a crouching position. "NIGHT! Hey, get out of him!"

Me: Hiei nervously walked over to the family. She already knew what she had to do. It was against the rules for anyone to see a member of Z. "Forgive me." she quickly grabbed the woman's neck applying enough pressure before snapping her neck. She turned to the boy and almost felt empathy for him, but he had to die. After all the two in the room where one of the 'advanced' mutations. She chides herself before grabbing a knife from the table and stabbing the boy's heart, killing his swiftly.

Lotus: Lotus was always the one to kill the infected, so that she could absorb the energy for herself, thus allowing her to advance her own mutation in a way which would be beneficial to her cause of keeping the city clean. She kicked the man in the head a few times, and the last time, shattered his skull, splattering his brain over the wall.

Me: she felt sick as she turned to look at Lotus. "I assume 'that' thing was another 'rogue'?" she paused as she heard something outside the window and walked out to see the men that were after them. She paused before sighing. This place would be good to stay for a while, until something or someone came to get them. "Lotus... what now?" she slide against the wall and rested her head in between her knees almost exhausted.

Lotus: We have to bail before someone comes up. No doubt someone heard that woman scream... We have to get out of here again."

Me: Hiei looked up at her before a slanted smile came on her face. "Yeah you're right." she got up and quickly pulled out the man's wallet and smiled at the unbloody dollars in her hand and stuffed them in her pocket. "I got his keys, looks like they belong to a eclipse."

Lotus: "Good. But remember. Before we reach our destination we need to ditch it to throw off authorities. Come on, let's go."

Me: Hiei pouted at Lotus, "I haven't been out of the game that long, I still know enough to not get caught." she blushed, obviously she wasn't as good as she had been, the blue eyed man and 'those' loan sharks were proof of that. Once in the assassination and that never anything else will work. When they reached the car she quickly opened the door and jumped in inserting the key and turning the engine on. "Ready, partner?" she chuckled out.

Lotus: "Definitely." Lotus hopped into the passenger's seat and looked around for a shirt, then found a blue football jersey and put it on. "Let's get out of here!"

Me: Hiei pressed on the gas, pulling out of the parking lot and onto the road. Her eyes glancing around to make sure nothing was following her. She knew from rumors that other 'mutants' followed after a kill, she allowed her eyes to look at the blood and brain matter on Lotus's hand and flinched. "Do other mutants smell when one of their own die close by?"

Lotus: "Only some of them. I can smell it because of the nature of my evolution. I'm not sure about others though... But even if they could they'd smell my wound, so my dirty hands are of no issue here I think."

Me: Hiei nodded and she leaned back into the seat-leather- and she sighed. This was a better way of transportation. "So what happened to get you into this mess?"

Lotus: "Oh, the cut? One of those bitches in the suits snagged me with a box cutter earlier. Not too shabby, I'd say. Neither is this car, damn." She switched on the radio and changed it to a metal station.

Me: Hiei's temples ignited a little. She always hated this aspect of some of the Z's. They never liked her soothing music, always the stuff that gave you migraines. "Great. Torture before death, my favorite type of car ride." she said sarcastically.

Lotus: "If we don't stay pumped and wide-awake we're definitely going to die. Which leads me to a good idea. When the sun rises we should stop for coffee."

Me: Again Hiei groaned as she nearly slammed her head into the steering wheel. "Coffee. Have you clearly forgotten I don't drink that stuff..." she paused, that was before she quit. She had taken it up, but it was only because of the sick feeling she had of late. A slight addiction to the stuff coated in sugar to make it almost a sugary mound. "I'll join you, but you don't touch what I make." her mouth watered a little as she thought of it.

Lotus: "Sure. Ha ha, coffee on Mr. Deadguy." She was referring to the money Hiei had taken from the man's wallet. "Cha-ching."

Me: Hiei sighed again. She had been doing this since she had met Lotus in the street. How had this happened? Ah right, you got stuck in Z and now your with a mutant, a personal friend yes, but one who was no longer human to the world outside of the streets Z procured and watched. Almost the whole city was under it jurisdiction-whether the world knew it or not- and she laughed. "I forgot about something. Z has a grasp in ALL of the building and law enforcements of this area." and several others, though Lotus probably knew that. "They'll figure out who's after us soon."

Lotus: "So we can rest?"

Me: Hiei nodded. "Yep, and get out of Z's problems and return to a semi normal life."

~To be continued~