Till Death Bring Us Closer

I love you, I must repeat,
I love you with violence.
Even if you only return
With a darkened silence.

I gave you a present-
My sharp bloody blades,
My endless sleeping pills.
You refuse to see I've changed.

You only come and see me
When I'm standing at the abyss.
Right before I'm pulled away,
Before I can get one red kiss.

All around me are dancers
Pretending to be alive.
They won't know anything
Until they have died.

They won't know you as I did.
For three minutes we met.
As I woke up breathing,
Instantly, I felt my regret.

Those three warm minutes
Felt like they're a lifetime,
When I saw your visage.
And you said you were mine.

I gave you a fork in a socket.
I gave you my every attention.
Yet I can't quite reach you,
Without someone's prevention.

I'll drink from your cup,
I'll toast to your success.
You'll have to see somehow
That I love you the best.

It's the poison that stings,
But I only feel warm inside,
As I'm finally confronted
With your soft blue eyes.


Oh what have you done?
I love you too much you see.
I wanted you to enjoy life,
Without pain. I'd set you free.

For three minutes, we met.
I knew you were special.
I wanted you to have a life,
To have a story to tell.

But you've come back again.
There's nothing I can do this time.
You'll have to stay with me.
This time, you really are mine.