Chapter 1: Falling Down

I thought things would be perfect from now on. Maybe I should just keep myself in the dark to protect everyone, that's how it always worked, my dark for others light. I'm getting a sense of Deja Vu again, why does this always happen. My powers have been growing of late, seeing things, knowing whats about to happen, but yet, I really don't know what will happen, it's all just fake. It's almost been a whole year, and for the first time, I cried again. It just doesn't make any sense, all of this should just be simple, but it never will be. Why is he all of a sudden so sad? He should be happy, he said I make him happy. I guess demons can really make a difference, or maybe it's cause he wants to be so close to me, so bad, darkness will just continue to grow as the light gets stronger. I told him I would never give up, but I'm starting to, starting to feel as I did a year ago, nervous, shaking, anticipation of finding someone again, then comes more tears, I hate that feeling! I thought I finally got rid of that with him....

Well, it's almost been a year since we've been together, have 2 months left to go. Also, it's been a year since I've known this other kid, who I don't dare say his name! Then, when I think of that, maybe I'm cursed this way then, I'll keep losing them every year, but I know this is different. We had dreams, plans, a whole life ahead of us, will that just be taken away? It's only the first of the year... Instead of flying, I'm falling again, hoping he will catch me again, but this time, I don't think he will. Or then again, maybe he will if I force myself down into Hell again, oh dear.

I don't know if we can recover from this now...

"Hey honey" I said, looking through the window of our magic place. Stevie was on the other side, far away back in the UK, he looked upset.

"Hey" He said, his face turning red, no smile on his face.

"How are you?" I asked him.

"Not good baby, not good at all." He said, pouting.

"What's wrong?" I just looked at him, feeling a bit sad now.

"Honey, the depression is getting worse. I feel like I'm standing at the edge of this dark hole, I just want to go in, and just go away. I don't want to to know me like this anymore, it's too much for you, I think we should just split up, I just want you to be happy, and I'm not making things any better. I'm getting weaker, but your getting stronger. I can't fight it anymore."

My heart was racing now, I started to shake and feel nervous. I was breaking up inside, but I didn't want it to go down like this, I've been there, I understood him, so I had to protect him from this horrible force the best I could, and I knew I could!

"NO!! Don't you dare say that Stevie! I'm never going to give up on you no matter what those dark thoughts tell you, I need you..."

"It's too late baby, you have to let me go now. If you love something, you have to let it go... I'm so sorry." Steve said, he was in tears now.

Before I could say anything, the window turned black and he was gone. My eyes widened, my heart beat faster, I could feel something come up inside me now. I haven't felt like this is ages, not since the time with Dark J. Is he back again? No, it wasn't me... It was...

The screen flashed bright blue and a figure of Steve came out of the window, covered completely is a shade of dark eerie blue! His hands moved around me slowly and creepy, like he was touching me, I felt cold and breathless. His face was empty, no sign of light or love or anything. I couldn't move and just watched this force surround me. I could feel everything Stevie could, it was horrible. I could still sense a small faint part of my Stevie deep down somewhere, but it was fading, and fast! I had do to something, I wouldn't let any darkness come to my baby.

I got up out of my chair suddenly, filled with adrenaline, and thoughts and memories of the moments I've had with Stevie. I glared at this dark force coming at me, glared with a passion in my heart. My heart was pumping so fast, I could hardly breathe. I raised my right arm and extended my fingers outwards, channeling all of my power into it, just like Stevie does when he's healing someone. A part of him was inside me now, so I used some of the energy, to call forth and bring in this dark entity into myself instead, I will deal with it, not him! I didn't know what was going to happen, but I had to do something, we didn't come all this way together for it to end like this!

"Stevie!!" I yelled at it, it gave out a horrible low moan at me.

It's hands turned into shadowy claws grasping for me, leaving a trail of dark blue mist behind it as it escaped the black window. I wasn't scared at all, it was a form of Stevie after all, and he wouldn't hurt anyone!

"Stevie!! I LOVE YOU!!!!" Just then, as I shouted, a spark of hot pink light flashed from my hand, then a beam shot out towards the evil essence, right in the center of it where it's heart would be.

The force made me jolt backwards a little bit, but managed to keep my ground and move forward with immense power. I could see within the beam of light, a tiny form of a white heart appear at the end of it, I could feel it was Stevie's, I was giving him all that I had!

'The masks can no longer hide the truth, our day has come at last.'