1 Year

Does it feel like only moments ago?

You and I were just friends

And we started on this journey

Becoming boy and girlfriend.

Has it really been one year today?

Man had the time flown by

Loving you every minute of my day

And not worrying about goodbyes.

The days always end the same

With a hug and a kiss

Only wanting just a little bit of rain

To fulfill our dream in one wish.

I still can picture us in the small gazebo

And you staring into my pretty green eyes

Looking ahead to the future that's told

To never ever have to leave your side.

I promise to be the special one

Making every moment so caring

Trying to get you to laugh and have fun

And not doing anything to daring.

I hope everyone who reads this understand what I have wrote. I am telling my feeling to someone special to me, and I want to know what you think.

Tell me what you think of this poem. I wrote this poem for my one year

and I am going to give it to my boyfriend soon.