Walk this road with me

and hold my hand when

I am scared of the whispers

by the wayside

Stay by my side

when everything else crumbles

and turns to bones and ash

everything gone

To stay by you

when the tide turns south

to crush you and your spirit

I'll stand

I'll hold your hand

When we take that ride

And the ghosts of the past

grope at you from graves

withered flesh pressed

against warmth

Be my oak, tree of life

when the winds rage

and all else bends

give me shelter

And I'll be your palm

when the desert sun dries

and all else parches

I'll be your shade

Love me dearly

and cherish me divine

With two as one

We can withold

the ages

Love my faults

as I love yours

and see through

my mirror as if

it were not there

And I'll pierce

your inner depths

and we can see

the truth that's known

Walk this road with me

and let's hold each other close

for we don't know what's round

the bend, nor how far we have

to go