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Author's Note: This story is based on characters from my book A Dream Of Life

Part One

As I flew into a bar where everyone was enjoying what was going on. I sat down and had a handful of popcorn. It was salty tonight and just the way I like it. As I looked around, there was nothing I saw jumping at me but her. Then there was this woman who from most other men….Sorry human standards would be considered not worth looking at. Her name as I heard was Helena and she had on a flattering shirt with something that could be called Daisy Dukes and cowgirl boots. I see Helena's eyes inviting me she does this dance, I think if there was a pole than this would be a very good dance. However, it was her eyes that met with my eyes and we spoke saying how much I was loving her karaoke performance, she responded on how much she was loving me looking at her. She tells me she wants me to come to her and I want her to come to me. Helena finishes I walked off and her fever has got my mouth watering with words of wanting her. So I'm up doing Karaoke she does sex with "Fever". I love rap because it's more challenging sometimes than blue eyes because you have to make it sound coherent while passing it off for music. I did Jump Around by House Of Pain, it's my way of giving tribute and a donation to my birth place of New York City. My home. As I did my thing of raising the glasses during the song, it ends and I'm out of breath. However she gets me a drink and I'm enjoying Helena's comfort and her boyfriend isn't. Well, I'm sorry I have good taste in women and not a fan of the Chicago Cubs your girl will be in my bedroom tonight. We'll send a postcard. So much attention us dragons want because we could fly in the sky and I believe that the little kids think they are watching 747's. As Helena and I are trying to gather votes for the contest. I get another round of hugs and then her boyfriend chokes really bad at the song they would doing together. I pick it up for him. "Go ahead little boy, you could go potty this is grown-up stuff." I thought but didn't say that out loud as me and Helena finished, the winner was announced.

Through the night Helena was all over me, kissed me as my fist was out and rubbed on my hand very roughly with her face. Now most human women wouldn't be that forward because people might perceived them as sluts. However, when two dragons find each other, the rest of the world could go fuck themselves and her boyfriend didn't like that at all but really didn't like Helena saying, "Don't wait up." I find out very soon that she loves the air too because our wings touch in a glancing fashion and I land with her. "What are you doing with the human?" I say and she responds, "He's nice but we need more, don't we?" She walks me upstairs and we sit there to talk. We talk about everything and anything about finding out who we are. We talked about our abilities and how we've used them in the past and it's then I kiss my fellow dragon, I make sure it's slow because I want to take my time. Her body lays down as I climb on top of her and our hands get familiar with each other by touch. It's been a long time since I had sex with one of my kind and so I hope I'm not out of practice. She pushes me off, she transforms and we play catch me in the air. After an hour, the chase brings us back down to my bed and Helena crashes on my bed as she lays there not wanting to move. I take the time to transformed back to my human self for making me chase her.