He looked up from his usual dealings to see a scrawny kid wearing a ragged cloak wandering over, undoubtedly lost. The kid's clothes indicated that they didn't have any money and seemed too small to offer any sort of sport. So like all men with something to prove he set out to make himself look like the top of the food chain.

Bullying was a profession he had come into early on in life and he always made himself out to be the meanest and toughest guy around. No one got the better of him and no one was too small or insignificant to escape his reign of terror all through his schooling days and even later when he took control of the streets.

He surrounded himself with tough guys that couldn't or wouldn't dethrone him, but were useful as extra muscle. Most were too dumb or not strong enough to have the ambition necessary to carry out such a tall order. He had to be top dog and making sure he was the strongest and shrewdest of the bunch ensured his continued rule over this part of town.

This new prey, whose gender still had yet to be determined, would be more glue he would use to keep the pieces firmly in place, under his thumb. Beating a shrimp like this would assure his position at the top for a while yet, especially if it was a girl. It takes a lot of balls to hit a woman, though it would be a shame if she was really fine and he had to mess up a pretty face.

As the figure came closer, the shadows obscuring the stranger dissipated, leaving them open for observation. He thought it might be a girl because if that was a boy, he was the girliest boy the man had ever seen.

He called out to the figure, "Come over here, baby, and we can have some fun." The guys next to him chortled in amusement, as if he had told some great joke.

The figure stopped moving and he lifted his hand to his men, giving them the signal to surround the lone presence. They moved and made a ring with the cloaked person in the middle. He stepped past the outer rim into the middle with the stranger.

He walked up to the slight person and grabbed the hood previously shrouding what he took to be a girl's face. His mouth fell open as rather disinterested emerald eyes locked onto his own. His eyes roved over the face of one of the best looking women he had ever seen. The pronounced cheekbones and delicate features combined into a very attractive package. He was a little disappointed when his catch had a boy's haircut, but it suited her well enough, only reaching her ears. The light brown color seemed to catch the stray streaks of the street lamps and shine in a very enticing way.

All in all, the whole package screamed to him to take advantage of such circumstances; a lone, lost woman in unfamiliar territory. He licked his lips at the thought and his eyes took on a predatory glint as he assessed the situation. He hadn't been boss for so long by showing mercy to every bumbling fool who walked into his house.

He leant closer and found the girl to smell pretty bad, but with the state of the rags she was wearing he had expected as much. "Now, sweetheart, are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way? You just give me what I want and then you can be on your merry way only slightly worse for wear." The men around him guffawed at what the lewd meaning behind his statement.

The man felt a feeling of uneasiness settle in his gut and sweat begin to bead on his upper lip. This girl was just standing there, no shivering or quaking in fear of what he was propositioning to do to her. Her expression hadn't changed one bit from the bored she had arrived with.

All of a sudden, her eyes grew distant as if she were thinking about something else and had disconnected herself from reality. Her lips moved quickly and silently like she was talking to someone, but she had arrived alone.

He felt some anger that she was dismissing him so easily and saw the chance to reach out to grab the girl by the throat. He had just wrapped his fingers around the vulnerable flesh when he felt something crushing the bones in his wrist. He gasped in pain and looked down to see who would dare to put such a hold upon him.

He found bony fingers attached to a thin wrist leading to a slim arm up to a very pretty face, the same one he had just been studying so intently. The hand tightened around his wrist and his own around her neck loosened at the sharp pain. How could she be this strong? he thought to himself in a panic.

He heard a short peal of mirthless laughter that didn't change the cold, emotionless green depths at all. "You think I'm a girl?" That voice sent shivers of fear down his spine for the very first time in a long while. It was practically glacial and his heart thundered at its beauty and lack of anything resembling feeling. This person didn't care whether he lived or died and had the lack of feeling to accomplish either without much thought.

"I don't care if you're a lowlife scumbag, I'm just thirsty and here you are in my path." The newly revealed male licked his lips as if at the prospect of a feast after a long fast and a stray ray of light caught his eyes, showing a brief flash of red in them.

His eyes widened as a realization came to his mind and fear clutched icy fingers at his racing heart. The now confirmed boy was something more deadly than he had ever encountered and he had hoped to go his whole life without doing so.

A vampire.

Panicking, he waved to his men and barked, "Kill him." The thugs, too dumb to realize the danger, moved toward their outnumbered adversary.

The vampire's mouth tilted up in amusement, but his eyes, they still made him wish he had brought a jacket to cover his arms and the raised gooseflesh there. Just what he had heard about these people chilled him to the bone. With the advancement of five heavily muscled humans, he found his wrist free and he scrambled to the relative safety outside of the circle quickly closing in on the small figure between them.

He couldn't pull his gaze away as one of his men threw the first punch straight toward the bloodsucker's head. The next second caught the guy completely off balance because his fist hadn't met anything but air. Suddenly, a loud crack was heard and the man collapsed clutching his no doubt broken arm, revealing the stranger behind his body. Next, two men rushed at him from opposing sides, surely with the two of them he would not be able to escape. At the last minute, the boy was gone and the two goons collided, giving themselves rather large headaches and dazing them for awhile yet to come.

The fourth man rushed forward, oblivious to his colleagues plights, and threw a punch that was aimed square at the arrogant little vampire's face; surely it would break his nose. Only the fist never met its desired target. It was stopped by a slender, feminine hand, blocking its path toward its owner face with ease. The boy knocked the thug's fist aside and delivered a staggering blow to the sternum of the man foolish enough to think he was a match for him and he was down for the count.

Eyes so wide it would be comical under other circumstances, the last man looked at the broken remains of those who had gone before him. Obviously coming to a decision, he turned tail and ran as if all the devils of Hell were chasing him and for all he knew they were. He cursed at the cowardice of the man, disregarding his own hypocrisy.

The boy moved away from his men in varying amounts of pain and humiliation and made his way toward him. He could only back up as the boy approached him. He tripped on a crack in the ground as he was back pedaling and fell on his back side.

He moved to keep scrambling away on his hands, his fear stricken eyes never leaving the ones coming to drain his life from his veins. All the while, he was trying to remember if he had ever heard of a way to kill a vampire, but either his fear was clouding his mind and preventing it from functioning properly or there was no way to kill one, at least by a mortal such as himself.

He felt his back connect with a wall and his throat constricted as his mere fear became full blown terror. He couldn't breathe through the blockage in his wind pipe, but finally he succeeded in gasping out, "V-v-vampire." He was stuttering so badly he wasn't sure if the other would be able to recognize the word.

The kid's eyes narrowed at what he had said. "That is the most derogatory word for what we are. We don't merely exist as parasites on the blood of others as you humans seem to have forgotten with your short memories. If I let you survive, you will know us as the Awakened." His eyes flashed eerily and the man managed to gulp loudly around the terror clogging his throat.

The boy stooped down to his level where he was leaning against the wall and grabbed his neck in a way reminiscent of what had transpired earlier that evening, only the roles had been reversed. Placing pressure on his grip, the vampire stood taking the man with him.
He continued to be pulled up until his feet left the ground he was being held aloft by the impossible strength of the boy before him and the wall behind him. The boy's face was suddenly close to his and he saw the flash of light off the long fangs that were protruding from between the boy's lips. He grabbed at the hand now forcibly blocking his airway and tried to pry it from himself with no success.

Tired, he stopped resisting what he resigned himself to as inevitable and hung limp in the vampire's hand. He could no longer see the boy's eyes as he had his face buried in the man's neck and his teeth pressed gently on the skin there. The man who used to be king could not accept that he was no longer the biggest guy around and sunk into a stupor, only barely aware of the fangs piercing his neck and his blood leaving his body, his strength slipping away.

Everything grew cloudier and his eyelids drooped with every second that his life left him through the punctures in his throat. Eventually, everything faded, pain, sight, hearing, and was replaced with nothing that spread out in all directions.