Love you Mommy! I wrote this randomly and decided to post it just to show that no matter how old you are you always need to know that you're mom loves you no matter what and she will always be around.


Mama Loves you

You've been around for 13 and almost a year

And you're still learning about the world

All around

And so far what you know

Isn't hard

To figure out

That, mama's always there for you


When you're first born

And you don't know how

To move around

It's too cold or it's too hot

It matters not

Cause you're just a baby

And all you can seem to do

Is cry and shout

But mama holds you

Kisses a boo boo

And she turns life

All around

Then when you are 3

Just starting to figure out

How to hold a cup

And speak your words

When mama smiles

And you feel so proud

When you show her your squiggles

That are

You and her

And when you're 5

Just starting school

There's still so much to know

Mama drops you off says have some fun

But you don't want

Her to go

And then you meet a sweet little boy

Who holds your hand

But he has cooties

And you play house

And run around

But when you're 10 years old

And you want a car

You're all grown up

Finally in double digits

Ready to, get around

You want a pet

And mama says yes

So you go and pick it out

Two years later your little fuzzy friend

Isn't around

You cry and mama dries your tears

When she's around

The sweet little boy

You used to know is still around

He smiles at you when you walk around

You nod your head and walk on

Now you have a boyfriend

Who is much older

He takes you out

And you share a kiss and your heart leaps

Out of your chest

But in no time that boy is gone

And not around

You cry and you mama holds you close

Now you're 13 and over him

He was a clown

You see the sweet little boy and he smiles at you

Only to be turned down

Your friends don't think he's cool

So you pass him by

He nods and smiles

Goes off with his friends but watches you

Hang around

He shows up at your house

Mom and dad seem to love him

You talk with him and remember a time

When you would hold hands and

Think you could fly

The little boy now all grown up

Smiles at you

And you risk it

And smile back

Mama's proud and daddy's watching a game

The little boy was always around

He helps mom with dinner

Dad with mowing the lawn

And he holds your hand

Kisses your cheek

And you can fly

Playing house is so far away

Running in the grass is still a place

You like to go

Almost 14 and you're in love

But he can't stick around

His daddy got a new big job

So he has to go

You love him still and don't want him

To come and go

That little boy smiles at you and

Holds your hand says he has to go


Mama's there to hold her baby

And wipe her tears

Mama's always there for you

So in these 13 and almost a year

You've learned what every kid should know

Mama's there to hold her baby

Mama's there to hold your hand and scare away

The bad dreams

Mama loves her little baby

Mama loves you

Mama loves you


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