Final Deception

She's making a final correction
Taking back the honor that was stripped
Away in the face of the deception.

With a heavy heart but lightened mind
The fragile young woman turns away
A furious sprint she takes to leave behind
The life that fell into such disarray.

With an apology written on crumpled page
Scribbled in the inks of the purest blue
Left folded up in the middle of the stage:
I'm sorry that I can no longer love you.

The time has come to bid my goodbye
As much as my heart begs for me to stay
You could not get over the need to lie
And your deception has finally driven me away

And deep inside her blood boils with ice
A fire burns red hot but frigidly cold
Even though the love they shared was nice,
The continuous fables had long grown old.

Her green eyes have turned grey with clouds
That threaten to spill over in broken streams
But yet she tries to stand up tall and proud
Even though her heart within her screams

For her to return to all of the games
That finally split her world into two
She whispers to herself his tragic name,
I'm sorry that I can no longer love you.

She bites her lip and closes her eyes
Rising up unsteadily to her feet once more
Turning her back with tears she cries
Doing that which she's never done before.

With an apologetic look she tries to smile
And offers a half-hearted wave of farewell
Knowing that this was coming, all the while
Feeling like she's walking straight into hell...

I'm sorry that I can no longer love you,
But I hope that this will give you direction
To never stray from the tales that are true
Instead of offering stories of deception