Chapter 61: Where Are We Going?

"Marken. . ." Aloreina drawled. Marken refused to looked at her, choosing instead to stare stonily down the road. "You're going to have to tell me where we're going eventually.

"You and Sir Cairbre should return to the village, my lady." Marken said gratingly.

She shook her head, "You're joking! You have to be! We've been traveling for six days!"

"My lady, you and Sir Cairbre are not needed on this mission." He insisted.

Suddenly a blue satin slipper was sailing through the air. It bounced off the back of Marken's head and landed on the road. He halted his horse and snapped his head around to glare at her. She glared back from atop her own horse. Daigen started laughing and clamored off his steed to return the slipper to her. "My lady, pray hit him again. He hasn't been struck down enough in his life."

Marken shot him a withering glare, but instead of being intimidated, Daigen laughed all the harder, leaning on his horse for support. "Would you quit being such a toad!" Aloreina snapped sharply.

"Excuse me?" Marken returned angrily, forgetting his customary respectful title of 'my lady'.

"You heard me! Quit your bulling! You're just peeved because you didn't get your way and now, boo hoo, you've been beaned by a girl!" she seethed at him.

"You need to listen to your husband." Marken growled.

"You are stupid, aren't you?" she remarked shaking her head, "When have I ever listened to my husband, or any one for that matter?"

"'Tis true, 'tis true." Aiden sighed to Daigen. Both of them were laughing uncontrollably now. Aiden had gotten his share of tongue lashings from his fiery little wife, and now he was enjoying seeing her sharp mouth and quick mind slash Marken down to size.

"Perhaps you should start!" Marken retorted.

"That's your comeback?" Aloreina yelled.


"Come on, tell me now, why are you being such a baby. You and Sir Cairbre aren't needed." She mimicked, "Shove it! I want to know what's going on and I'm done with being nice and patient!"

"It's none of your concern."

SMACK! Marken stared at her. Surely she hadn't just slapped him. "You - "

"I am so sick of this place anymore. Every time I turn around, someone's telling me what I can't do. You can't wear pants! You can't get married! You can't have kids! You can't come along! Yeah! I'm a woman! Yeah! I'm a coranna, or something like it! But I'm perfectly capable of handling myself! I did so for twenty-six years before I got here!" She ranted, but found herself calm again quickly. "Now, you are going to tell me where we're going." She demanded.

Marken looked at her. "My lady, I had only hoped to protect you and your husband."

Aloreina shook her head, "Marken, you can't protect us. Our fate has already been written."

He nodded silently. He already knew this. A person cannot be protected from their fate. He was glad, in a way, that he hadn't seen what the future held for Aiden and Aloreina. He didn't really want to see what their fate was. "Very well, if you refuse to leave. Lily is in danger." He said simply with an air of one who has been defeated.

For a moment, Aloreina could do little more than stare at him. "Lily's in danger?"

"That's where we're going." Daigen supplied, "We're off to save the world again." He clanked up onto his horse, watching her with an uncharacteristic seriousness. "How did you learn of Marken's sight?" he questioned.

"I've been traveling with you for months. I knew something was up, but those predictions he makes, they just gave him away." She answered simply, as though it were perfectly obvious. "Why?"

"Why do you think we volunteered to go with you? Marken said you'd need our help, and where Marken goes, I go." He said calmly.

"I see."

"We should ride on. I fear we may not arrive in time." Marken said, urging his horse forward.