Every fan-girl's drea come true!

From the makers of 3-D glasses and rose-colored glasses, come SLASHING GLASSES©!

Have you ever been watching a movie or a television show and thought to yourself, "I wish those boys would just get it on already!"

Well, you no longer have to wish anymore, with our new SLASHING GLASSES© your every sick fantasy can now be a reality.

That's right, all you need to do is don these stylish frames, (available in a variety of designer colors such as School Boy Blue and Sexy Stranger Silver) and voila, a boring hallmark movie instantly becomes a steamy gay romance.

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Now you can share your slashy fantasies with your best friend, your boyfriend, or even your cat!

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We accept all major credit cards. Must be 18 or over to order (Or just lie.)

And make sure to keep a look out for more of our innovative glasses, such as BROTHERCEST GLASSES©, coming soon to an imagination near you!


The fine print: SLASHING GLASSES do not actually exist (But don't you wish they did?) It's a JOKE ok. Ha ha? Also I did not invent 3-D glasses. Duh. Repeat : I am not trying to sell anything, it's just a JOKE…I wonder how many stupid people are still going to spam me…

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