Chapter Two- Letting Them Know

"No. You can not tell him, Tommy," I stressed for the millionth time. Tommy and I were lying naked in my bed. We'd both just experienced the best moments in our lives.

"Jo, Will's my best friend. I have to tell him. He has to know about us," argued Tommy.

I lightly stroked the chubbiness of Tommy's chest with the index and middle fingers of my right hand. "How can you possibly call him your best friend? He makes fun of your weight, calls you rude, and even tries to punch you in the face. How is he a friend to you?"

"Whatever. I have to get back to the bedroom, just in case either of them wakes up and finds that I'm gone." Tommy stood up, pulling his boxer briefs on.

I sat up. "Really? This is the best night of both of our lives, and you're just going to leave in the middle of it? I don't think so. You have to sleep in here. With me. All night. Then you can go back into Bobby's bedroom in the early morning."

"Are you sure?" asked Tommy. "I fart in my sleep like Will."

"So. Doesn't everybody?"

Tommy shrugged. He looked at the door, then back at me. He bit his lip. "I'm putting my shorts on. I'm not going to have your dick poking me all night."

"Fair enough. I'll get dressed too." I stood up and pulled on my clothes. I saw Tommy start to put his shirt on and grabbed it out of his hands. "You won't be needing this."

"Why not?" asked Tommy.

"Because I like the warmth of your bare skin," I explained. Tommy nodded and kissed me. We climbed back into bed, Tommy pressing his back against my front. I folded my arms around him and pulled him impossibly closer to me. I could almost feel him smile. We both closed our eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up as soon as I saw sunlight. I found that I was still holding Tommy in my arms. He was so warm. Warmer than I ever was alone. I looked at the time on my alarm clock. It was six o'clock in the morning. I listened to Tommy breathe, not wanting to wake him. He was so cute sleeping. Like a baby.

I didn't want to wake him up rudely, so I kissed his cheek. He instantly woke up, opening his eyes slowly. He turned in my arms and faced me. He pressed his forehead against mine. "That was the best I'd ever slept in weeks."

"That's because I was here," I whispered.

Tommy smiled at me. I kissed him with closed lips. The morning kisses were always the innocent ones. I traced the circle of his belly button. "You have to get back to the other bedroom."

"Really?" he asked, putting on his pouty face. "I don't want to."

"I know, but you have to. Will can't find out by finding you in my bed. We're going to sit him down and tell him. Don't be surprised if he stops being your friend," I explained.

Tommy nodded slowly. I let him go, and he stood up. He put his shirt on, kissed me, and left my bedroom.

Four hours later, I went downstairs to find Bobby, Will, and Tommy sitting at the kitchen table, eating cereal. I walked over to the stove. "I can make eggs and bacon if anyone wants any. Any takers?"

"I'll take two eggs and a few strips of bacon," sounded Tommy.

I smiled to myself. He didn't care what Will said now.

As if on cue, Will scoffed. "Of course Tommy wants some."

"Shut up," said Tommy.

"Both of you shut the hell up!" I yelled. I turned around to find Will mocking me into his cereal bowl. Tommy was smiling at me brightly. Bobby minded his own business. I could tell he was really tired. He still hadn't wiped the eye crud out of his brown eyes. I laughed. "Tired, Bobby?"

"I am," butted in Will. "Tommy wouldn't stop farting in his sleep."

"Like you're much better!" yelled Tommy. He stuck his hand in his milk and flicked it at Will. A few drops of milk appeared on Will's face. Tommy, Bobby, and I laughed. Will threw a marshmallow from his Lucky Charms at Tommy. Tommy caught it in his mouth and swallowed it.

Tommy smiled. "That all you got?"

"You're too happy. Did you and Jo fuck or something?" Will laughed to himself. He was the only one who thought it was funny.

Tommy and I smiled. He got up and crossed the kitchen to the stove. He turned me around and kissed me. We used tongue, to make it even more entertaining. When we broke apart, both Will and Bobby were looking at us with wide eyes and wide opened mouths.

Tommy sat down at the table again. "Close your mouths, you'll catch flies."

"Better than catching cum in my mouth," muttered Will.

Tommy brought his fist back and punched Will right in the face. Will was knocked onto the floor. He stood up and held the side of his face. "You hit like a fag."

Tommy kicked Will between the legs. Will fell to the ground again, holding his private parts. Tommy bent down beside him, smiling. "Had enough?"

Will just nodded. Tommy straightened back up, and I kissed him.