Bad Romance

In the beginning Death was ebony.
She was beauty in brutality, raw.
Then God let there be light, and
It was the first time she truly saw.

She watched in wonder as
Skies were born from oceans.
And her reality was slowly
Set into a rocking motion.

Death did as she was told.
Using her scythe to separate
The waters and earth grew.
Her influence helped create.

She took away dead space.
She cleared an easy way,
For God to separate the
Heavens into a new day.

The Sun and the Moon
Were given their space.
Complimenting the other's
Smooth round face.

The Sun is there to catch
The Moon when she falls.
Death watched them sadly
Before returning to work's call.

God fiddled with the water.
Death watched Him quietly.
Turtledoves flew together,
As fish rose from the sea.

The next day, there was
The very first stampede.
Animals were born as His
Imagination was unleashed.

He looked over at his angel.
She was watching the creatures.
Wings were folded neatly, with
Puzzled expression on her features.

He understood what she thought.
As he gestured with his hands,
And created two last creatures.
For His garden; Life and Man.

Death saw God sculpt the Earth.
And she took no interest at first.
Man was making wobbly progress.
Until she saw what else was birthed.

He was lying among the trees.
The garden was his essence.
He was a little oddity to her,
Contradictory to her presence.

He was soft like a newborn.
His skin was rich like cream.
He walked barefoot with
Eyes that were melted green.

Life saw her icy blue eyes.
He felt a pull towards Death.
They met each other under
A sliver of the Moon's crest.

Life was fascinated with
Her long brown hair,
Her smile. But he knew-
"This can't go anywhere."

Death shook her head.
And pulled him near.
She touched his face,
"There's nothing to fear."

He kissed her forehead.
Before he stepped back.
"Death," he said slowly,
"I'm sorry, it's a fact."

His kindness killed her,
His beauty was brutality,
"We're destined to dance-
"You will always chase me."

Death knew the truth.
Tears welled in her eyes.
"I'll leave, only to follow,
"Your trail in the skies..."

"That's the spirit." Life smiled
As he silently vanished.
She frowned and couldn't help
But feel as if she was banished.

The Moon had the Sun,
The Waters had the Earth,
Death had found her match
And Life wouldn't love her.

And so it goes, in this world,
The earth spins madly around.
Death searched for a love
That will never let her down.

She leads wayward souls
Home at the day's end.
And she always asks for
Them to speak of him again.

The answers never differ,
And everyone generally agrees,
Life wasn't like they thought
And they were happy to be free.

Since first meeting, the planet
Has never really moved on:
Life will disappoint you and
Death will simply move along.

.:the end:.