The things around me slide to the left
As you make a right turn
With the dim streams of light I am able to see some of what is with me
A pair of very old shoes
What looks like a tire iron (how I hope that does not slide into my head)
The original stereo to your car
And something that looks like the box you used to keep your magic cards in
I wish I could see where we are
So that maybe I could figure out where you're going
Someone honks their horn
I'm not sure if it was you or simply someone near you
Another turn
And suddenly the car and I bounce off of the ground
Speed bump
It's times like these I wonder how I manage to get myself into these situations
The car stops
Where we are I have no idea
And the time
I wonder how much time will pass before you need something out of your trunk
Poor planning on my part
At least I'll have time to think about why I did this in the first place