Author's Notes for Days of Madness

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this. Days of Madness was originally written as an entry for the first challenge in the Gossip Forum, http:// fictionpress . com /forum/Gossip_Forum/4244/. The challenge was pretty simple - write an animal story, then add some fact from real science or magic.

Well, I'm quite sure most people will remember that one scientific factoid in this story.

This one is another attempt at voice. In this case, I envisioned cats as being very supple and sensual, and wanted to give them ways of speaking to reflect that. Some of it may be overly-ornate. One RRer took me to task for 'orgasmically excoriating.' That is probably correct, too. ;) The thought of the eldest female, the matriarch of the clan, as it were, purring that just makes me smile, though.

The story was written very much stream-of-consciousness. I like cats - not a surprise, given my username and avatar. I wrote them in the dark, in the wild. Okay, they're hunting. No, better, it's a rite of passage. And then... what if the protagonist doesn't truly have the super-confident attitude cats exude? Secret doubts? Uncertainty?

There's a spot of 'tell-by-dialogue' here. That's not a straight-out-tell, where I as author lay it out to you as reader, and no characters are part of the exchange. However, when Shalane describes feline coitus, I felt I was walking that very fuzzy line between 'in character' and 'author proxy.'

At time of this writing, judging for this competition is still open. I'll update this when the results are announced.