Do you know what it feels like to be alone all your life? A father who just doesn't care and drowns himself in alcohol. A mother who tried to get better yet let the drugs that ruled her take her life.

I know what it feels like.

I've finally found a place where I belong, a pack I can call my family.

And I'm not planning on giving that up.

Here's the story I've always wanted to let be known to the world.

Chapter One

Last day of senior year. Who would have known that High School would pass by this slowly, I thought. I was ready for it all to be over. I had saved up money so I could take a year off before I went to college and go to Canada.

"Reven! Earth to Reven!" Wulfe said waving his hand in front of my face, snapping me out of my day dream. Wulfe, whose full name of Thaddius Vladimir Wulfe, is by best friend of five years. He so happened to find me in the library in middle school with my nose in a book hiding from the bullies' that tormented me during lunch. Being 5 ft. and not having the latest fashions can get the middle school girls to turn into animals. He knew about what it was like to be bullied, lets just say he didn't look at the ladies much.

"Is there something that must acquire my attention right this second? I mean its not like you can't fend for yourself" I said with a smile to let him know that I was joking.

"Baby, you know I can't live without your nice sense of humor! No but really the bell just rang. SCHOOLS OVER!" Wulfe had to shout that last part.

" Not exactly. We have to go to college." I was always the one to bring it up, mainly because its high on my list.

" Thats not for another year, party pooper. Just think this time next week we're going to be in Canada! Nice people with cute accents. I may just find a guy to make my own eh... They do say eh there don't they?" Wulfe asked as we walked out onto the lawn in front of the school.

"Well, Thaddius, looks like you have some research to do" I teased.

"I TOLD YOU NEVER TO CALL ME THAT!" He screamed as he tackled me.

"As much as I enjoy this, I need to go home so I can pack" I rolled him off of me and picked up my things. " Bye, get your things together so we can make sure to make the plane at nine in the morning!"

As I was walking to get into the pile of junk that I call my car, I spotted forty dollars laying next to my car. This must be my lucky day.

Pulling into my driveway seeing the warn out trailer I call my home, my mood dropped as I noticed my father's truck parked. Great just what I need. I'm just not up to putting up with him today. I walked into the house and made sure to be quiet as possible, but my luck seemed to have ended.

"Reven, where the hell do you think you've been?" my father slurred while taking threatening steps toward me.

"School. Its Friday. Where else would I've been?"

"I don't need your sass. Do you have any money?" I handed him a twenty keeping twenty for myself, since it wasn't coming out of the money I'd saved up I wasn't going to worry about it. I was also happy it wasn't one of his 'bad' days.

Walking into my room. I inhaled to smell the scent of my room, a mix of lavender and lemons. I was going to miss the posters on the walls, the way the nicknacks on my shelf was just piled hazardously. I got started packing most of my belongings. Half way through packing I noticed that I had clothes all over my bed and drawers opened half way.

It was nine before I had finished all my packing, and worrying if I had everything that I needed. After seven bags full of random things I was hoping I had everything. Geez, Reven your going to hurt yourself. Just because your a little worried about leaving doesn't mean that your not going to have loads of fun. He can take care of himself. He doesn't need you. I hoped what I kept telling myself was true.

The next morning on the plane heading to Toronto, Canada.

"Hey, Reven? What do you think its going to be like in Canada?" Wulfe asked.

"Hopefully, wet, chilly, and secluded." I replied while glancing out the window. I was thankful I had got a window seat. I love looking out and seeing the clouds in the sky. "Though, I wouldn't mind going to a few good shops, maybe meet some people. Why, your not having second thoughts are you?"

"No, I'm just nervous thats all. I mean what if people shun me for being different. I wonder if there's going to be guys like me..." Then he started to daydream. About guys, I thought. If he starts to drool then I'm not wiping it from his face. He's a big boy. My gaze drifted over his frame. He had shaggy black hair, a crinkle imprinted in his face from the fact that he always seemed to be smiling. Pure green eyes, not an ounce of pudge on him. People often mistaken us for siblings. Though my hairs a shade lighter and my eyes are a deeper green, also our attitudes were far from alike. His was on the sunny side always joking and laughing. I tended to be the pessimistic one, always looking toward the negative side of things. He was born into a wealthy family, the way he tends to dress doesn't resemble that. Wulfe was wearing the dirty warn out converses he love so much, a faded black hoodie, and a lip ring. He was 6ft 5in. I was still the lowly 5ft. I was easily dwarfed by him. I still wonder what it would be like if he was straight. I guess he wouldn't be my cuddle bear... I thought as I drifted to sleep.

I woke up to Wulfe gently shaking my shoulder. "You awake sleepy head? Its our first stop in the flight."

"How long have I been asleep?" I asked while trying to get the crick out of my neck. Geez, I really need a pillow if I sleep.

"Just about two hours or so... I'm not really sure I dozed off myself." Wulfe replied while scratching his head." We're going to be in Memphis for an hour or so. Lets grab a bite to eat."

A few minutes later sitting in McDonald's in the air port, I watched as Wulfe inhaled his french fries. He'd already downed his second big mac and was starting in on the fries. Man he could eat his weight in the stuff, I thought.

"Are you going to finish that?" He asked me looking at my half eaten big mac.

"Um.. No, you can have it. I'm not really hungry. Guess my appetite isn't what it normally is. I'm worrying about my Dad..." I said and looked down into my lap.

"He's going to be fine. You need to stop thinking about him. He never did anything to help your life."

"I know, Wulfe." but what if my dad gets in one of his moods and tries to hurt himself again... I thought the last to myself. I didn't want him to know what happened at my house.

"Well, lets get back to the plane I do not want to miss it."I said standing up and grabbing my bag.

"Fine, but can I get the window seat when we get back on. I'll enjoy the view while you sleep" He said with a smile.

"I guess, but if you fall asleep and lay all over me I'll kill you" I said with a wink.

After the plane had taken off I decided to get a little more shut eye.

"Mom? Mom? Wake up! I need you." I ran into the room shaking her and trying to make her wake up. "Please I'll do anything!" Her head rolled to the side to show lifeless eyes. "MOM! Dad! Help mom! She needs help!"

He ran into the room to see what I was screaming about. "Crystal?" He cried clutching her to his chest. "Baby you can't be gone. I can't live without you here. I need you. What am I going to do?"

I ran into the hall to grab the phone to call the police.

When the police arrived I heard " I'm sorry sir, but she's gone. Her wrists are slit and there's an empty bottle of pills beside the bed. I'm very sorry. There's nothing we can do."

"Reven? Wake up your just having a nightmare. Its okay hun I'm here" Wulfe said while holding my crying form.

"Sorry for soaking your shirt with my leaking face." I said trying to lighten situation.

He was looking at me with such concern in his eyes it made me want to cry again. "Hey, at least you didn't try to blow your nose on it! I might've had to do something about that." He finally let it go that I woke up crying "Want to tell me what you were crying about?"

"Just family issues." I reply with a shrug. " Nothing to be worried about."

"Well, just be sure to get it off your mind and snooze a little more. We'll be there in an hour so."

"Wait, are you saying that I've been asleep for the most of six hours? You've got to be kidding me! Did you not wake me up for the last stop?"

"Why would I be kidding you? Your the one thats been drooling on me for the last hour or so, and yes, I did wake you up. Do you not remember walking to the other plane?" Now thats embarrassing I thought.

"No, I really don't...What have you been doing the entire time?" I asked while wiping the drool off my face. "We will never speak of this again."

"Lets see, trying to dodge your drool was a big part of the time. Also, I've been looking at that cute guy over there. I wonder if he's gay?" I glanced over and saw that he was really cute. Reddish brown hair, broad shoulders, the puppy dog face that drove me crazy. He was the type of guy that I wanted to walk over and hug and pet his hair. He had some muscles to him, not the scrawny type that I normally dated.

"Your right he's cute. If he's not then I'm going to be sure to get him myself." I said with a nudge and a wink. I looked over and noticed that he was looking over at us. I gave him a little wave. He looked away with a blush.

"I think we've got a shy person on our hands." I told Wulfe.

"We'll have to change that. If he talks to us that is..." He replied.

I managed to catch the guys eye again. "What's your name?" I mouthed to him.

"Adam, I'll talk to you after the flights over" He mouthed back then he yawned. He had an odd animalistic gleam in his eye when he turned back. I started poking Wulfe to get him to wake up.

" Wulfe!" I said that with an extra jab to the ribs. When that didn't work, I decided I was going to have to tickle him since that's the main way to wake him. His giggling is worse then a school girl with a crush talking to her. "Guess who's name I found out"

"Don't tell me its his!" He said with a shriek. He is so gay sometimes.

"His names Adam. He's going to talk to us in the terminal. I'm going to take a nap. Wake me up when we land, and yes that's all I know about him. Don't ask questions that I don't know." When Wulfe went to open his mouth with a question I said." No, I'm not sure if he's gay, and No I don't know where he's headed. Night Wulfie Baby."

Looking around on the plane, I noticed that no one else was in sight. I got up and grabbed my bag. I wanted to see what I looked like. Getting into the restroom, I looked into the mirror. My eyes were puffy from the amount of sleep I'd gotten, my hair was spiked up on one side, and you could see dried drool on my cheek. "Gross." When I walked out of the restroom. I was walking to the exit when a flight attendant blocked my path.

"What time is it?" I asked her.

"Its 2:20 p.m. dear. Are you looking for your parents?" She did not just assume that I was a child. She looked at me with concern in her eyes. Figures she thinks I'm like 12 or so.

"No, I'm just waiting for you to move so I can get off the plane. Thanks woman." I couldn't help that I snapped at her. Walking around her and down the steps from the plane a sudden down pour happened. Damn Canadian weather! I was looking around for Wulfe who got off before me. I raced into the terminal of the airport where I spotted him standing next to Adam. " WULFE!" He turned when he heard me, he had the biggest smile on his face.

"Adam, I would like you to meet my best friend, Reven." He said as Adam and I did the old fashion handshake thing. He pulled away when he met my soaking wet hand.

"The weather is something you need to look out for." Adam teased with a sly smile. He had an accent that could just make you melt.

"Yeah I kinda noticed." I retorted then shook my head like a dog. The guys backed up then busted out laughing because my hair stuck out like a porcupine. " Hush! Its not like this has never happened to you."

I huffed away to find our suitcases. "Darn boys, with there good luck and looks. They don't have to worry about all the normal things that happen to girls. Some people just get all the luck." I was mumbling all of that under my breathe as I ran into someone.

"They don't have all the luck you know," He said as I was awestruck by his looks. He had a little bit of a crooked nose, along with a crooked smile. His eyes were the lightest shade of blue I had ever seen on a person. Dark brown hair that was tied into a pony tail. I was guessing he was a few inches shorter then Wulfe. Something about him said, 'hey, I'm the person for you. Look here!' Though I'm guessing that bunches of people would get out of his way.

"Um.. I-I'm sorry." I said shyly. Shy? When am I ever shy. Get a grip of yourself Reven! How'd he know I was talking to myself? He couldn't have heard me I was really quite. I think.

"That's fine, my names Louis. I'm looking for my kid brother." He stated while looking at me with a fiery look in his eyes. The same look that Adam had earlier.

"Hello, I'm Reven. Is his name Adam by any chance?" I asked while looking around for Wulfe and Adam.

" Yeah, reddish brown hair. Gangly looking? Where'd you last see him?" He started looking all over.

"The last I saw he was with my friend,Wulfe, but now I'm not sure. They were right over there." I said with a point over toward the entrance. " If you notice a freakishly tall person with black hair and a black hoodie on, thats Wulfe." He grabbed my hand as he started toward the luggage claim. When we were almost there I ended up tripping over my own two feet and landing straight on my face.

"Reven, are you okay?" Louis asked when I tried to compose myself, and he helped me get to my feet.

"Never better." I responded with a smile. When I looked around to see if anyone had seen that mishap I spotted Adam and Wulfe by the restrooms kissing. "Is Adam gay by any chance?"

"Um, not that I know of. He'd never tell me if he was." He said as I spotted Wulfe.

"WULFE! Hey come here!"I yelled. He looked over a little startled. He walked over to us with Adam trailing him. I noticed that Wulfe and Adams lips looked a little swelled. I questioned him with my eyes, and he ducked his head down with a blush

"So, what have you guys been up to?" Louis asked.

"Oh, I was just telling Wulfe about thing to expect of Canada. Weather and whatnot. " He retorted with a blush creeping into his cheeks. " So, Wulfe told me that you guys were going to be staying in a house over on Parkside, Dr. near the forrest."

"Yep, thats where we're going to be staying, I hated the thought of staying in Toronto the entire time. I love the wilderness." I said while thinking of my woods back home. "We were lucky enough to have Wulfe's parents donate us money to rent the house for a year."

"Do you have a ride over there?" Louis asked us though he was looking me straight in the eyes.

"Yeah, we had one of Wulfe's parents cars shipped over here a week ago. It should be in the parking lot. Is it on the way to where your headed?"

"Mhm, We live on the same road as you." Adam said with a wink toward Wulfe. I think I was the only one to catch that.

"It was good to meet you, but we must be on our way. Come on Wulfe lets go get our luggage." I grabbed his arm and headed to the luggage claim to pick it up and be on our way.

"Did you see how cute he was, and did you see that when he smiled his eyes would light up,"Wulfe mentioned with a sigh he was off into daydream mode.