ZZT Object

I remember I used to program games on an old DOS based software called ZZT. Today it's considered abandonware, but anyway I wrote a poem about it.

ZZT Object,

I created you,

I could have made you green, I could have made you blue.

When I give you energizers, you become invincible, when I give you torches you can see your way in dark places.

I give you everything you need, with nothing in return,

Except a darn good ZZT game,

And lots of programming knowledge learned.

Do I make you shoot bullets, or do I make you a random NPC?

Is the realm of ZZT, truly yours to be?

ZZT Object,

I created you,

I gave you the ammo, torches, and gems, you needed,

And yet you are still blue.

I think I'll make you green instead.



Oh, that's right, you're stuck in a game. Here, I'll invite you into my world, so you won't go insane!

The End