It's true, the threats they make
we could be beaten to death
or excommunicated from our church
we could be disowned by our families
and ostracized by our friends

I'll admit that there's a chance
that we won't end well,
and we'll bet everything
on something that ends in nothing
and we'll both end up
bitter and alone.

But when I'm kissing you,
the stars align somehow,
and I think about everything and nothing.

And when I'm touching you,
silver is the only color I know
and I don't ever want to wake up.

When I'm around you,
making you breakfast in bed
or bringing you roses on your birthday
or holding your hand during a horror film
or staying up all night talking about nothing
or buying candles I know you'll love
or doing a thousand everyday
little mundane things that make our lives


I see you smile,
oh god, I see you smile.

So it's true that a thousand terrible things
could happen today or tomorrow
or any day of our entire lives


would you rather
never take the chance?