Prologue: The Ninja Sage

Kraun began his night as he always did. He sought the highest point of his house and looked about, scrutinizing the moonlit landscape. He jumped onto his neighbour's roof and then shimmied down a tree. Flitting through dark shadows, he made his way towards his mentor. Strength flowed through his limbs as he flew across the ground. His movements made Agility and Flexibility proud. Experience bubbled in his veins and Skill embodied his essence. His aura exuded Knowledge and Intelligence. Speed granted wings on his feet and Silence followed his every step. Intuition proved ever faithful to him and Reflex was always just in time. Kraun was gifted, Kraun was special. He was powerful and respected. But he was unhappy.

In front of his mentor, Kraun spoke his mind. He told of how they were doing no better than those before them. He said that only through unstructured survival methods would they be able to live and not succumb to the same fate as their blinded forefathers. His mentor did not listen. He heard, but acted as if he couldn't understand. In quiet tones he told Kraun to leave, meditate, think pensively of what he'd said and reflect on what consequences his mentor should have given him for his outburst. His mentor's docile manner enraged Kraun all the more.

Kraun reached beyond the limits of reason and thrust forward with indignation.

A Ninja works with stealth and speed. It was not long before the blood of Kraun's mentor was colouring the floor red. Of his mentor, this is what he was most grateful for. His mentor's death was the start of his rise to power.