You're just across the table, and I'm trying to talk to you

But you won't even let your expression change for me

Even though I'm this close to you.

--from Voice by Okui Masami, translation by Lironah on Anime Lyrics


Our Relationship

I find the finest thing I have in front of me

is you,

but I don't know how to talk to you

or even try

because I seem not

to be able to reach out to you

and give you my feelings

that are so cloudy

due to my own inability

to determine

what those feelings

that I gave to you are,

but I don't give up

because I need to learn

what those feelings are

before I can come to you

and say what our relationship is

whether it is a girlfriend-boyfriend

or not,

I care for your continued friendship

as I go through my life

and as you go through your life.