Date: 9/19/09

Original Copy

End Time:

Closed eyes behind a blanket,

When you fear the dark,

Monsters lurking under your bed,

Casting away your remark.

Visions coming when you're awake,

Life passing in a dream,

But you never fell asleep,

Thinking of regrets to redeem.

Tears threatening to fall,

Sobs coming out in truth,

Nose running readily,

No tears come loose.

Hugging yourself,

Talking to yourself,

Arguing with yourself,

Ignoring all else.

Clasping your head in pain,

When the pain is in your head,

Inflicting pain upon yourself,

Mourning for the tears unshed.

Harming yourself for others to notice,

Going out of your way,

Screaming and screaming,

For them to turn away.

Having shame,

Having regret,

Having hate,

And knowing it.

Letting your thoughts cloud your mind,

Letting the voices stop their halt,

Complaining when they get louder,

Even though it is all your fault.

Hating yourself,

While hating others,

Blaming yourself,

While blaming others.

Hating the world,

Hating the ignorant,

Hating them all,

Wishing to do what you can't.

Screaming loud over the voices,

Hoping there is nothing to fear,

Nobody is there to listen,

Your voice then disappears.

Wallowing in self-pity,

No longer caring,

Not hate, not love,

No more feeling.

When you stop the hating,

When you stop the vanity,

When you stop the feeling,

That is insanity.