Lights On

Symphonic aphrodisiac

Colored lights in swing

Nightclub, church, and cabaret

A catalyst to sing.


Experiments in mind control

Probes in midnight jazz

Shining lies and smoking eyes

One last chance to dance.


Grab the Amortentia

Find the book and bell

Baby darling, don't you know

We're headed straight for hell.


But heaven is, if you prefer

A pleasant sort of place

We'll go to chapel all in white,

A veil before my face.


To seal our fates we'll share a kiss

And when that day is through,

The club will close, the truth will out

And I'll be bared to you.


With no more bass beats, heavy-sweet

To cloud your mind and eyes

The lights are up, the song is done

Too late, it's gone, I lied.

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