Why can't we see our mistakes

Before we ever make them?

Why can't we take back hurtful words

Before we ever speak them?

Why can't we just mend our hearts

Before they ever become broken?

If we could do all these things, would life be any better?

Why must things always get worse

Before they get better?

Why must we suffer through Hell

Before we can ever glimpse Heaven?

Who says that ten must always come

Before eleven?

If things were different, would it just end up looking like more of the same?

Why must we ask questions

Before we can discover the answers?

Why must we build walls

Before we can ever be sheltered?

Why must we be sheltered

Before we can ever break free and be jaded?

If we could have things just the way we wanted them, would we then want them to change?

Can you see where I'm going

Before I ever get there?

Is there always a beginning

Before the end?

Was there something more

Before existence existed?

If we could ever know, would we even know that we knew?