Listen. This will be the last chapter... for this book. This was crappy in terms of descriptions and character development. It was relatively slow and, well you get the idea. So I am going to write an epic little battle sequence and then start on the next book. Then I am going to start a whole new set of chapters in another 'book'. So hopefully That will go better.

Amber ran down the stairs that went up and down from behind the wall. Soldiers were falling from above her, some with spears or arrows in them and other that were just sliced or pushed off the wall by the many wilds that were fighting for a foothold on the wall.

One landed right in front of her and she tripped over him. She rolled down the remaining couple feet of stairs and landed at the bottom with a thud. She stood, groaning as men started to run up to the wall to enforce those aalready there. Arrows with fire blazing on their tips shot over the wall and on to the ground and the building closest to the wall. Some of the arrows bounced off the walls of the buildings and landed on cloth awnings and set them on fire. Others were put out as they hit the ground.

"Watch out!" She heard more than a few people yell. Moments later a huge boulder shot over the wall and smashed into what was some unlucky guy's home. Concrete chunks exploded across her line of vision. Amber watched as a bit farther down the wall, the top part was completely blewn off by another large boulder.

It was hell.

------ panning over the battlefield--------

Across the some mile of enemy troops, war machines were being loaded and fired at an alarmingly fast rate. Off to the far laeft of the enemies arrows began to assault them. Some missed alltogether, but most found themselves lodged in a chest or in the head. Ixam's archers had joined the fray.

Back on the wall, a frenzy of combatants made it hard to make anything out. With the prelighted fires and the fire-arrow induces fire, the wall was as bright as a midsummer's day. Wilds and Berdishians faught with everything from sword and spear, to tooth and nail.

A soldier blocked a downwards cut from a wild's mace and moved as far left as the very confined battle allowed him to. The sword from the man came down on the wild and he continued on to the next. He swung at a wild, who chraged right at the attack, that was blocked by the charge. The two men rolled down a set of stairs. At the bottom, the Berdish soldier drew his dagger and made a sizable whole in the Wild's forhead.

Back at the top, Jay swung his sword at two Wilds that had just come up seperate ladders. Jay proceeded to kick the two ladder down. Another one, just four feet from him, was set up. Jay sighed and turned in time to block a sword aimed for his back. It as blocked, sent to the left, the wild fell into Jay, and Jay tossed him off the edge into the army he came from.

On the far side of the all, the Wilds had gained a foothold. A soldier knocked an arrow and shot randomly into the crowd of enemies below. The arrow hit a rather important figure, because once he was hit in the side of the face, the Wilds went into a frenzy. More arrows than ever were shot at the wall, killing several soldiers in front of the man. A Wild ran up to him. The man attempted to block, but was to late and pain shot through his body before it embraced the cold, enternal sleep that was death.

Ixam's soldiers were firing arrows at a speed almost unknown to any living thing. It was when they started to shout insults that the worst occurred. A couple of large boulder were lobbed at them. When they were done running and they stopped to see their losses, they found their number to be diminished by more than three fourths. This told them it was time to go.

Back at the far right at of the wall the Druids were holding out better than anyone else. Almost none were dead. They were still in some kind of organized fight. Archers stood behind the swords-men (Druids) and while the Druids with swords fought the Wilds coming up the ladders, the archers fired rapidly at the archers and most dangerous Wilds in the enemy army.

A Druid sliced upwards, catching a wild in the jaw and making it fall down the ladder, knocking off several others in the process. Another Druid had sliced the head of a Wild clean off. Another stabbed to soon and found a Wild sword sticking out of his chest. The Wild only met another Druid sword from the second line of them.

Lilly and Fin fought back to back. Lilly blocked an uppercut and stbbed at the wild, catching him in the stomach. She pulled her blade out and he fell back and into another wild abouth to make mincemeat out of a Berdish warrior. The morning star the wild held dropped at Lilly's feet with a soft clank.

Then that section of the wall was literaly everywhere. Soldiers flew into the air. Chunks of wall were tossed into the city. Screaming and shouting were drowned out and everyone on the wall was momentarily stunned.

In a word: BOOM!

------------to Cale-------------

Somewhere in a small house, Cale was woken by the explosion. Cale groggily looked around. His groginess quickley turned to anger as he remembered what Arthia had done to him. He stood up, his mind cleared, and started for the door.

"I only did it to help you." Came the last voice Cale wanted to hear.

"How is almost killing me helping me?" Demanded Cale, turning to see the woman looking at him sadly. For a minute, Cale felt bad for her. She'd gone through a lot in the past few weeks. Then he remembered she'd stopped him from doing what he needed to do and got angry again.

"If you kill the king, then the last chance this city has." said Arthia.

"I need to do this." said Cale softly.

"Think of your friends-"

"I am!" Shouted Cale

"Cale, if you kill the king and anyone found out about it, they would blame you for the fall of the city!"

"They won't find out." Mumbled Cale.

"I can't stop yo from going to Ixam, but I will not allow you to kill a friend of mine." Said Arthia. Her voice told Cale she was done with the argument.

"Where are my friends?" Asked Cale.

Arthia opened her mouth and closed it. Then she spoke slowly, "The ones that were with the Druids are out fighting."

Cale's eyes widened and he ran right out the door. Arthia yelled after him, "Where are you going!?"

"To do what will really help my friends." Said Cale. Arthia smiled at Cale.

Cale ran towards the battle, Arthia following the whole way.

Amber made the decision that she had to fight. She hadn't fought yet, but the second she saw a Wild she would.

A boulder hit a building right by her and chunk rained down on her. She allowed a scream to part from her lips as she covered her head from the stone.

After she witnessed Lilly flying through the air, her body landing a cart of hay, she ran over to help her out. Behind her, Lilly ducked, too and ran to block a swing from a Wild's mace. She pivoted around him and stabbed him in the back. She turned in time to block a sword aimed for her head. Amber, still trying to get up, watched as more boulders were lobbed over the wall. It was like something from a nightmare. The walls were crumbleing and even though they had only been fighting for a period of around five hours, the Berdish army was diminishing. Lilly ran up to her and started to whisk her toward the inner city.

"Where are we going!?" Amber yelled over the noise of yells, steel on steel, and boulders exploding against the stone structures.

"The way things are going, we'll be falling back to the inner barriers built a few days ago!" Shouted Lilly, "Besides- Down!"

Lilly dragged Amber to the ground as a boulder smashed a tall structure so that it fell don all over top of the street they were on. A stray family was buried under some rubble, much to the two girls horror.

"Besides, you weren't fighting anyway!" Finished Lilly, as they continued don the street. After a fe minutes, the noise died don a bit. The boulder didn't reach them anymore, and they cold see the large crowd of people trying to get into the palace. There wasn't many, but the line down the street- and the next two streets beside this on- were packed.

"Where is the barrier?" Asked Amber.

"Those people are getting through it right now." Said Lilly

"They aren't doing a very good job." Commented Amber. She looked to her left to see to figures now racing down a street two other streets away. She rubbed her eyes.

"Was that Arthia?" asked Lilly.

"Yeah, and I could have sword Cale was with her." Said Amber.

"Come on. We need to get these people through." Said Lilly. She and Amber then started to usher the frightened people through the barrier and into the palace.

Cale and Arthia had finaly cleared the crowd and they started down the street that would lead them into the fight. Despite the one in Silver town, Cale had never fought in a battle with two armies butting head. And the one in Silver town wasn't even all that large. It was more of a small hundred to hundred skirmish if anything. This one was one of massive proportions, with thousands against tens of thousands.

Amber, Lilly, and Jay were somewhere in it and Cale was detrermined to see them all out alive. Out of nowhere, a boulder smashed into the path in front of them. Cale skidded to a stop and Arthia just about bumped into him.

"Warn me next time you do that!" said Arthia, a little angry.

"Well, next time a couple hundred pounds of pure rock is being thrown in my direction, I'll be courtyous enough to tell you I'm going to stop abruptly." Said Cale sarcasticelty.

Arthia let a laugh escape her. The two of them ent around the boulder and down towards the wall and the battle being raged.

In the few minutes it took, and normaly getting through this city took hours when fully populated, at least a dozen more boulder were flung into the city. At one point Cale smiled as he layed eyes on the same INN where he'd stayed in so many times before.

Cale and Arthia arrived in time to see a battle being fought furiously at the base of the wall. Upon getting closer they saw that where the wall once was, a big enough gap in it to allow Wilds to pour into the city side of the wall.

"That's a big hole." Cale commented. Arthia nodded in agreement and pointed at the top of the wall. At the top, Jay and Miko-vun were swinging swords and firing arrows in turn where the start of the wall gap was. A druid on the other side was knocked into the enemy crowd and killed the second he landed. The Wild archer that did it took aim at Jay and Miko-vun.

Cale watched as an arrow was launched as Miko-vun was facing the gap. The arrow found It'self in the Druid's face. Jay turned, yelling and caught him. Arthia shot a blast of light at the congregation of archers that had seemed to gather on the right side of the gap. The blast exploded on contact, killing a good ten or so archers. Jay layed a hand to the dead Druid leader's chest and stood with his long sword at the ready. He fought his way through the enemies and down the stairs. He took the lead at the battle to keep the Wilds at bay in the gap.

Cale ran closer and Arthia went to aid those on the wall. Cale ran right into a Wild. This one was really big. The two weapons he had were enough to make Cale want to run and never look back.

A huge, five foot long mace was held in his right hand. The business end of the mace took up about half a foot of the weapon. In his left hand the wicked axe was double sided and each blade was large and as sharp as anything he'd seen.

The mace came down on Cale right. He took the opportunity to step on the mace and he suceeded in disarming that weapon. As he did this, the axe swung at him. He ducked it in time, but lost a bit of hair in the process. Cale stabbed at the Wild, but his armor made Cale's sword bounce off and he fell to the right. The Wild had reclaimed his mace and brought it down on the boy. Cale rolled to the side in time and thrust his sword upward, knocking the man's helmet off. Cale stood and twisted to dodge another axe swing. Unfortunately, Cale twisted right into another Wild. This one was an average sized and Cale took a swing at him. The Wild's sheild came up to block it. Cale side-stepped and made it so that the bigger man's mace came doen on the other Wild. Cale took the bigger Wild's stunned- at killing his own man- moment to go around him and stick his sword in the back of the Wild head.

Cale did not think, he simply fought until he heard the order to fall back. He was running into the city, along with every other living Acer defender, when he realized he knew the man running beside him.

"Good day, Cale." said Fin, nonchalantly.

"If by good you mean nightmarish, awful, or any variation of those two words, than yes it is." said Cale.

"Well said!" Complimented Fin.

"So where is Lilly and Amber?" Asked Cale.

"Last I saw, they were heading into the city." Answered Fin.

A boulder smashed in front of them, sprating stone chunks that killed a few as the hit their head and injured two when the stone hit their legs. Some soldier picked up the injured and kept going. Arrows were launched at the back and even so close that a man running on the other side of Cale was hit in the back and thrown to the ground.

"That could have been you." Commented Cale.

"Or you." Reminded Fin.

"I was trying to forget." Said Cale.

"What about Warhon and Arbine?" Asked Cale.

"They went to Silver town. They needed to be there to tell the villagers that a lot of people were probably going to show up in the next day or two... or three." Said Fin.

Cale nodded.

Cale found it rather amusing how the two were talking as nonchalantly as they they would if they were sitting in camp together.

"Hold it!" Yelled a voice from the back. The last defense had been breached. The last defense being the barrier. Now everyone was holed up in the palace.

"Get everyone out the back." Called Wertz.

Cale looked around at everyone. He saw Amber, Lilly, and Fin ushering people out the few secret doors the king had built in case of such an emergency. Jay was going around and checking wounds. Humans, soldiers and humans, and Druids alike were being lead out the back. Now Cale knew his real quest would begin.

He caught eyes with Amber and she smiled sadly. It would be hard, but with his friends, he could do it. Cale smiled back at her. A smile he would have given her back when they were just kids. Arthia put a hand on his soldier and said, "Meet general Wertz. He'll be accompaning you during you journey. When we all get out and back to Life forest, because that is where the Druids will go and the humans will go to Silver town, we need to get ready."

Yeah, the ending sucked, but the next book will be a whole lot better, so look forward to it, my two readers! :)