What Is Friendship?

I look around and see
My friends smiling back at me

Their hollow laughter burns my ears
Their fake smiles leave me in tears

We joke,
We play,
We smoke,
We say

Friendship lasts forever
We'll always be together

But I see the way you act
When your other friends are around
You leave me in the dust
Alone, fragile, slowly breaking

Tell me;

Do you feel guilty
Killing my trust?

Will you be holding the knife,
Smiling as it cuts

Deeper into my heart
Severing my ties

To peace, friendship, and love?

I'll be nothing but a corpse
Going through the motions of life

Praying for a necromancer

Tell me;

Do you enjoy
Screwing with my mind?

Holding it in the palm of your hand

Breaking it on a whim
Inflicting wounds, unseen and deep

Withering my belief
In happiness soon to come

Tell me;

If this really is friendship

Then why do I hate you?