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Chapter One: First Encounter

It was 5:44 A.M. on Monday morning, and Rowan Cartel was sleeping soundly in his nice warm dormitory bed. His dreams were filled with sunshine on his skin as he romped around a perfectly manicured lawn of soft, emerald green grass with his friends and a soccer ball. The most basic essentials, life's most precious commodities. With a happy sigh, he turned over in his sleep and buried his face in his pillow, completely unaware that he was being watched. For several moments now, two people had been looming over him with, waiting for the second hand to tick away that one more minute before interrupting his peaceful dreams. One of these friends of Rowan's took out his cell phone and snapped a quick photo of the little sleeping beauty as proof that he wasn't always the monster he would become once they woke him.

"He actually looks like a real human being with a functional personality when he sleeps," the female bystander commented, something like affection coloring her tone.

Her male companion cocked his head to one side and placed an arm over her shoulder. "But darling, would we love him as much if he was a real human being with a functional personality?" he asked.

"Of course not," Layla replied. "Well, we might as well get it over with. Any longer and he'll be late. And you know who will get the blame for that."

Dane nodded and leaned in toward Rowan's sleeping form, stopping just before his lips touched the other boy's ear. He ran his slender index finger along the line of Rowan's jaw and whispered in a rather seductive manner, "Rowan, you better get your sweet ass out of bed or you'll be late for conditioning. If you don't take care of that gorgeous figure you won't get any more massages from your super sexy roommate."

Layla had to fight to keep herself from gagging at Dane and his ridiculous flirtations. She briefly wondered if he even knew how to speak without flirting. Probably not. Unless he was talking with girls. When it came to girls, Dane automatically assumed they were all the same as him and wanted to talk about clothes and the latest gossip. She probably never would have been friends with Dane at all if he wasn't Rowan's roommate.

Speaking of Rowan, he groaned into his pillow and shooed Dane away with one hand. "Leave me alone, slut," Rowan grumbled.

"I love it when you talk dirty to me," Dane giggled.