Message in a Bottle

Emily looked down at her blank page. Biting her lip she looked up at the solidly corked bottle next to her jar of pencils. She looked back at the daunting emptiness. Back at the amber glass within reach.

It was dangerous.

Emily was desperate. Taking a deep breath she opened the bottle. Emily took a big gulp with her eyes squeezed shut.


Rotted limbs hung at haphazard angles from the rafters and walls as Erik walked into the barn. He had to duck his head as looked around the unwelcoming barn.


Her pleated green dress was always prim and proper as she sat still. Her unmoving blonde curls rested upon her shoulders as she stared ahead with pristine blue eyes. Her lips curved into a sneer as she watched the living world from her white cabinet shelf.


Death pulled her dark hair into a bun and threw up her hood. Grabbing her mug of coffee she headed out. She hoped that today would be the day Norman would notice her when she went by the office. Death had an appointment killing his intern. It was the perfect opportunity to drop in for a quick Hello.


The ferret flapped its wings as it began a low hover. With a squeak of delight, it prepared to go rescue the princess.


Erik's flashlight slowly revealed exactly what kind of mess he'd gotten into. The old crow hadn't been exaggerating and every minute more Erik regretted killing the bird that warned him of Démount Barn.


The doll hadn't moved from her perch, except to drop one match. Each flame danced and laughed as they roamed around the house. Like child's play.


"Hi." Death blushed, dropping her head.

"My god, you killed the intern!" Norman gasped.

Death gripped her scythe. "Thanks. You wanna go out to lunch?"


The ferret was beginning to lose sight of his goal and landed briefly on top of a barn to catch his breath. An unusual whiff caught his attention and the ferret inspected the thatched roof cautiously. A sickly green finger was sticking through. Terrified, the ferret began to hop up and down.

His startled movements upset the delicate balance of the barn. The ferret fell through the roof ungracefully landing on a tall man with a flashlight. Erik swung his arms wildly as he panicked. He crashed into the side of the barn, jostling loose legs and arms. Ultimately, the side of the barn fell to reveal an office area.

"You know, you're not that scary." Norman smiled. Hearing the crash, he looked up from his lunch date.

"Shit." Death muttered. She stood up, "If you'll excuse me."

A doll with a match walked by dazedly.


Emily recoiled in shock, breathing heavily, as she became aware of her surroundings. Her paper was black, and hardly a spot of white could be seen in the cramped handwriting.

She re-corked the bottle and swore to be more careful in the future when she took a dose of creativity.

.:the end:.