There was no heartbeat, no pulse, no breathing.

Only the overwhelming sweet scent of her blood clouded my thoughts.

The lifeless body laid there on the cold hard tiles, the leftover blood staining the floor. It was obvious that the feeding was interrupted.

But which was faster? The spread of the venom or death?

Either one was unimaginable. This was not the ending I had expected. It was not something I had wanted for her.

At that instant, it felt like the world had crashed down on me. It felt like I was trapped in a vacuum, crushed by the excruciating pain of loss and anguish. It was worst than even the rampaging thirst for blood.

Behind my mind, I could hear taunting whispers calling it retribution. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, but I still decided to gamble with her life. And it was all because I wanted a chance to stray away from all that I was taught to believe. She offered me a different direction away from the visible paths that had been carved out for me, an unplanned path where there was always uncertainty. There was no clear destination whenever I was with her. But I thought it was better than anything else.

But the game using her life as a wager was over. It was clear. I had lost.

Her predator provokingly slid his tongue across the lips that were dripping with her fresh tantalising blood, savouring every last drip of it.

"Checkmate," he hissed.

I could feel every part of me burning. There was an accumulation of rage within me, preparing me for the last fight.

I was certain that only one of us was going to live past today.

But more significant than that, I was losing myself. The person that I had fought hard to become, that she had taught me to become, was disappearing under the anguish and hatred.

I was returning back to the darkness...because my light was gone...

To be continued...