Obstacle Courses

If there were one single type of activity that Sophie Ray undeniably despised it would definitely be one that had a physical nature.

Being vertically challenged, a complete klutz, and not possessing one athletic bone in her thin body can lead to many dangerous situations, as duly noted in the past.

And as a senior, it's to no one's surprise that a tradition of utter hatred towards the physical education department has still been up kept by her. Due to her lack of enthusiasm towards any sport of any type, it's only natural for a teacher, or teachers, to not favor the girl who was stubbornly made it her choice to make their lives a living hell

While this claim has yet to be proven, it has gave way to many well-thought out, harsh punishments given out everyday.

And who was Sophie to think that today would be any different?

That's right. No one.

Sprawled out in front of her gray eyes was a half-mile obstacle course laced with walls, crawl spaces, and ropes.

Imagine an army boot camp on a smaller, gym-class scale.

"Okay class. Here's the deal. A buddy of mine lent me some of his training stuff for our gym classes. I'm only going to say this once, this is your final." The pudgy woman said from the front of the congregated mass that was 8th hour gym. "I will be splitting you up in teams and you will all start in different sections of the course. This is a group effort, and if one of you doesn't pull the weight or complete an obstacle, then you all fail. Got it?"

A quiet murmur of agreement rang through the class.

"Great. So we got Johnson, Kelley, Pratt…"

At this point, Sophie was completely withdrawn from what was going on. That woman never says anything of importance anyway, she justified. She just likes to see us suffer while she sits on her lazy ass and eats doughnuts.

"…Swift, Williams, and Ray."

At the sound of her name, Sophie jumped. "Wait, what?" She asked confusedly.

"Come on Ray, get your lazy ass over there." The chunky teacher said with a scowl on her face. Quickly, Sophie tried keeping up with the fast moving group.

Getting a good look at the group around her, she soon came to realize it would have been beneficial for her to run in the opposite direction when she had the chance. But seeing how they were all waiting for her at the beginning of the first obstacle, it didn't seem like the right time.

In total, there were only six people, including herself. Three girls, three guys. To her chagrin, both girls were your typical airhead blondes. Abby Swift and her clone-Sophie never actually learned her name-Abby Clone #2. Not only were they blonde and orange, but they also were members of the whore-filled cheer squad and had dog shit for brains. As far as popularity goes, they were at the very top.

Oh god, Sophie inwardly moaned. I'm stuck with the bitchy cheetos.

As for the guys, there was one unidentifiable guy with brown hair whose name escaped Sophie's ever-failing memory. Standing to the right of him was Trevor Williams, you're average punk kid. On the right of Trevor, looking utterly bored in the most attractive manner was the scrumptious Owen Schuyler. Being at the top of the social ladder is only the beginning of his long legacy at the unbelievably superficial school. Top of the class and the leader board, Owen is perfectly balanced in all aspects of his life. Perfect grades, hot as hell, extremely athletic, and undeniably rich, he has it all. From his jet-black hair to his bank account, girls chase him up and down the streets.

Which is why Sophie is feeling a wee-bit of pressure. Unfortunately, she harbors a small crush on the aforementioned fellow, but he doesn't seem to notice her; probably the only individualist in the entire school, maybe even surrounding areas.

"So what are we doing, again? We don't have to run this course, right?" Sophie asked, hope filling her voice.

"Are you deaf?" Abby Clone #2 screeches. "Didn't you hear what we had to do?"

Crest-fallen and slightly panicked, Sophie inconspicuously takes in her surroundings.

Well I could just run to the road, it is right there. But what if I get run over? Mom would not be happy about that. I'll just make a run for the school! Perfect, now you just need a diversion…

"Look! A flying monkey in a penguin suit is dangling from that building!" Sophie exclaims, pointing in the direction of the neighboring building.

Unfortunately for her, no one seems to be buying it except for Nameless Man who quickly turns his head, but promptly turns back realizing that there is no such animal hanging from the side of the building.

I guess I'll just have to make a break for it the old fashioned way.

A split second after she had turned to start sprinting off in the direction of freedom, a strong hand encased her wrist, practically cutting off her circulation, and prevented her from moving.

Swiftly turning to see her perpetrator, she was surprised to find herself looking into two pools of perfectly clear-blue spheres.

Wow, how come I never noticed the perfection that is Owen Schuyler's eyes?

Mentally scolding herself for thinking such putrid thoughts, she immediately reverted back to escape mode.

In a sickeningly sweet voice that revealed all hostility towards said person, Sophie asked, "Can I help you?"

"Just quit with the antics, okay? No one wants to do this but we have to because it's for a grade. If you leave us, we all fail." Owen replied in an icy tone.

"First off, kindly do let go of my wrist. I do believe that I need my right hand to write with." After massaging her thin, somewhat purple wrist Sophie continued. "And second, do you actually believe there's anyway in hell I can do this damn obstacle course? I don't care if this is a group final, just tell the teacher that I had to pee or something."

Annoyance filled his eyes. "We can't do this without you. If you leave, we'll all lose points."

Making a small grunt, "You're smart people. You can come up with something," she said in a confident tone.

"Sophie, just stay. Okay?" Trevor said from behind Owen. "We'll help you."

Grumbling in agreement, the group was off to the first task. Unfortunately, while they were all arguing, most of the teams had advanced to the second or third obstacle, leaving them with a large disadvantage.

"Look what you did Sophie! Now because of you we're going to be in last place!" Abby (the original) wailed, clinging to Owen in hopes of being comforted.

Shrugging off her advances, "Abs, it's okay. We can still make up time. But we need to move. Now," he replied forcefully.

The first obstacle was simple. It comprised of a 30-foot wall and a rope on either side. The objective is to climb up one side and down the other.

Unfortunately for Sophie, she did not react to well towards anything higher than the ground. Even a simple escalator is enough to send Miss Ray spiraling towards the floor in fear.

"Uh, guys? I don't think I can do this," she says looking up at the wall unsurely.

Patting her on the shoulder Nameless Man says, "Sure you can, just don't let go of the rope when you're at the top. You could fall."

Eyes wide, Sophie watched as each and every member of her group successfully climbed over the wall without any difficulties.

You can do this Sophie! Just believe in yourself! It's easy!

Pumped and ready to go, Sophie grabbed onto the rope, swung to get some leverage and tried climbing up…

And slid back down.

After numerous amounts of unsuccessful attempts at getting over, she tried a new tactic that involves monkey grabbing the rope and ridges in the wall until she is over.

All the noise she had made reached the ears of the group and words of encouragement were beginning to stream in.

Once her head was over the top of the wall, Sophie looked down to see all her teammates.

Holy shit, this is really high

Seeing her panicked face, Owen-ever the knight in shining armor-suggests she fall backwards and he'll catch her.

After a couple of back-and-forth's involving one too many obscene words, Sophie reluctantly agrees.

"Okay, just lean back and…" Falling backwards into the arms of Owen Schuyler was something Sophie would never expect to happen, but it did.

While still in the safety of Owen's arms, Abby Clone #2 reminds them in a high-pitched voice that the group should be heading towards the second obstacle.

Blushing slightly, "Er…thanks, I guess." Sophie says, a hint of awkwardness filling her voice.

Brushing it off, he smirks. "No problem."

On the way to the second obstacle, Sophie couldn't help but notice the glares she received from the two cheetos. Maybe the sun's in their faces? Sophie thought.

The second obstacle was just a series of wooden frames with long pieces of wood cutting across at different heights. The directions required going under then over each piece of wood.

Grossly underestimating the difficulty and length of this obstacle, Sophie was the very last to finish. But instead of joining the rest of the group, she collapsed on the ground and lay sprawled on the grass.

Groaning, Sophie says, "You guys go without me," waving her hand in the air, "I'll just stay here. I'll be your sacrifice. Consider me officially kicked off the island."

"Gawd, stop being so over-dramatic," one of the Abby's snottily replied.

"C'mon woman! Just get up, we only have a couple of obstacles left," Trevor said.

Unexpectedly, Sophie found herself up and off the ground and swung over the shoulder of a walking Owen.

"Hey! What the hell! Owen!" She whined, "Put me down this instance!" She said in her most commanding voice.

Owen snorted. "Or what? You'll pound on my back until I set you back on the ground where you'll just fall?"

Actually, I didn't really have a plan, but thanks for the idea! Sophie mused.

"Yes! That is exactly what I'm going to do until you let me go!"

After multiple failed attempts at trying to get down, Sophie decided to try a different approach.

"My ass is in your face," she said while staring at his delicious backside.

"Eh, it's cute. I don't really mind." He said nonchalantly.

Suddenly, a large blush over took Sophie's face.

My ass is anything but cute, especially in these shorts.

"Well I don't think you should put all this weight on your shoulder," Sophie said, "You might…uh…you know, throw out your back," she added for good measure.

Laughter erupted out of his mouth. She couldn't help but notice what a musical laugh it was, very genuine and not at all annoying.

"You're light as a feather to me. How much do you weigh anyway? A hundred? A hundred and five?" He questioned while taking them over both obstacle course number 3 and 4 without breaking a sweat.

"Try ninety-five," Sophie replied embarrassingly. If there was one thing she didn't like to chat about, it was her child-like figure and body size.

"What? Damn, girl. You need to get some meat on you're bones. How tall are you?"

Mulling it over, she replied, "Five foot two inches."

"I'm almost a foot taller than you. Is that…oh shit."

Abruptly, everyone had simultaneously stopped to look at obstacle course number five.

A mud pit.

One had to army crawl across the long pit of mud with the wire atop your head.

Putting Sophie to her feet, he apologized. "Sorry, but this one you're going to have to do yourself."

While all the guys, and Sophie, were ecstatic about finally getting a bit of dirt on them, the two Abby's were nothing short of psychotic.

"Ew my god! How am I going to go across that without getting dirt on myself?"

"You can't, that's the point." Sophie replied.

"Oh shut up, Miss Man," the clone sneered. Closely following the 'jab', high-fives and snickers where heard from the cheetos.

Rolling her eyes and proceeding to the mud pit, Sophie couldn't help but feel excited. While she is by no means a dirty person, rolling around in the mud was something that she had always wanted to do but never the chance to do as a child due to her mothers constant hovering.

Diving in the pit, the mud felt cool and clingy against her bare arms, legs, and getting tangled in her already unruly dark brown hair. Giggling and rolling along the way, Sophie was instantly transported to a time in her childhood.

She was pulled out of her reverie by a voice inquiring if she was indeed dead or alive.

"I'm fine!" She hoarsely grunted.

Once out of the pit she realized how much of a mess she had made. While the guys had a fair amount of mud on them, she resembled a pig.

"You really had fun in there," Owen said with a knowing smirk on his face.

Haughtily, Sophie replied, "Yes, yes I did." Turning her nose up.

Laughing he came up to Sophie and traced his finger along her jaw line, making Sophie inwardly shiver.

"Mud." He said simply, holding up a pointer filled with dirt.

"Right," she mumbled, looking away from his intense gaze.

At this point, the other to girls had finally gone through the pit and where now approaching the group with disdainful looks on their faces.

"Ugh, let's just go." Abby said with a huff.

"Agreed, I really want to go on that rope," Nameless Man said, attempting to achieve some brownie points from Abby, whose attention was currently spent upon Owen.

The final obstacle was by far the most fun. Ingenious design and immense pleasure, it was simple. The object of the obstacle was to swing across one platform to the other which were both about twenty feet off the ground.

Once all the members had swung across, they would join the rest of the teams who had completed all obstacle courses in the grass until the end of the period.

Owen went first in order to toss the rope to the members on the other side. Next went Trevor who had no problem going across. Nameless Man went after and had ungracefully fallen in the mud pit below, but walked on with pride.

Both Abby's had, at this point, simple walked across. Sophie, however, was determined to cross the mud pit without another ounce of dirt on her.

With a firm grasp on the rope, she took one last look her rendezvous point, not missing the smirk Owen had sent her way. One final swing and she was off air flying through her hair making her airborne.

Safely planting her feet on the ground, she looked around to see if she had landed perfectly on the other side. To her great surprise, she had landed flawlessly.

Overcome with joy, she immediately jumped the person who was closest to her in a bear-crushing hug.

Too late, however, she realized that person was Owen who had a mixture of shock and amusement in his face. Blushing deeply, Sophie apologized for the nth time that hour. "Sorry Owen, I just got…ah…a little, you know…excited…"

Smirking widely, "It's okay, I don't really mind getting mauled by small people. You're hugs are really like pokes." He said matter-of-factly.

Before she could reply, PudgePop (formally known as the teacher) announced the end of the class period. Relief spread across the faces of the class who all had endured the filthy mud pit.

As the class started walking towards the school, Owen pulled Sophie aside.

With slight hesitation, he led her to the side of the school, away from prying eyes.

"Um, where are we going Owen?" Sophie questioned.

"I have to tell you something." He replied before stopping in playground.

"Okay, what is it?"

"Well I don't really know how to say it, so I'm going to show you," he said unsurely.

Questions filled her thoughts, "What do you…"

Shushing her by putting his finger against her lips, he slowly tilted his head towards hers. Instinctively, Sophie closed her eyes and awaited the kiss that she hoped would soon follow. Owen was close enough for Sophie to feel his breath on her lips, but nothing happened.

Eagerly anticipating the kiss, Sophie almost pulled away before she felt a soft pair of lips encompass her own. Slowly and sweetly he started to kiss her then gently pulled away.

Opening her eyes, Sophie was surprised to see signs of uncertainty fill his blue eyes.

"What does that mean?" She asks, voice hoarse.

"I like you, Sophie."

Stop the presses! Owen likes Sophie? Since when!?

"Since when?" Sophie inquires.

"Since the beginning of freshman year for sure, maybe a bit earlier." By the sincere look of his eyes, Sophie knew this wasn't a joke.

"But why? I mean, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'm not exactly popular."

"I like everything about you!" He exclaims, throwing his hands up. "You're the weirdest person I know, and you're childish. You're also really short, but that's what I like! You're so unique and different, you have no problem being yourself, and I love that."

Expectantly, he turned to look at her reaction.

With a grin, Sophie asks, "So what exactly are you proposing?"

"Sophie, I want you to go out with me. Will you do that? For me?" He asks, his voice full of hope.

A thoughtful expression enters her face, "Can I take a shower first? I probably smell like ass."

Laughing joyfully, he smiles. "Only you would say that," grabbing her bridal style and carrying her all the way to the school, "So is that a yes?"

"Of course it is! I'm just horrified that it took you till my almost-dying moment to ask me out." Shaking her head in disapproval.

"Well I wasn't going to ask you out today either, but damn," with a reminiscing grin, "you looked so hot covered in all that mud."


"Oh shit."

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