Grr… alarm clocks should be illegal. I think to myself as I slam my hand down on the alarm reset button. I get up and look around my room, it was horribly messy. There were clothes all over the floor and I almost tripped over some unknown object as I walked to my dresser. I pulled out a black tank top and some gray skinny jeans, as I changed from my pajamas into the clothes, I looked at myself in the mirror hanging above my dresser.

I have long black hair, deep, royal purple eyes and I'm very pale. My parents try to get me to tan, but I like to be an individual. Once I'm dressed I walk into my bathroom to brush my hair and all that crap. Once I'm done, my hair lies over my eyes and I have a few layers of eyeliner and mascara on, I must admit... I look pretty good. Once I'm done with that I stomp to my door, grab my MCR bag and then stomp down my stairs, I really don't want to go to school today. But I guess I have to if I want to pass this grade...this semester really.

As soon as I get my butt down the stairs, I can tell that this isn't going to be a good day. There isn't any breakfast waiting for me on the counter and I can tell my mom has already left for work, so I'm going to have to walk. I sigh as I grab my house key off the hook, totally wishing that school was outlawed in some states...that would make living so much easier. Once I'm out the door though, I don't really mind walking. The sun is shining, and the sky is blue, so at least I don't have to walk through the rain, like I've had to do a few times. If only I lived somewhere that actually had a taxi cab service, so I could hire one to take me to school. Actually, now that I think about it... that would be kind of cool, arriving at school in a taxi. But no, I live in a rural county and the only forms of transportation are riding the bus, riding a bike, driving a car, or the inevitable...walking.

I start walking, and soon arrive at school. People are walking and talking in their little cliques, even the outsiders are talking together. I'm the only one that doesn't have a group to hang out with...oh well. I walk into the main hall, and then I head to my locker, wishing that something would happen to get me out of school. Once I've grabbed all my books and put books in my locker, I walk to my first class of the day...math. When I walk in, I immediately head for the back of the class, to the seat next to the window.

Everyone is talking and texting on their phones, totally oblivious to the world around them, as usual. I pull out a blank sheet of paper and start sketching. I start out with a heart, and then I move on to all different kinds of things. Then the teacher walks in and everyone gets quiet. The day goes on pretty much exactly like that for the rest of the day... I know, boring right? Then in 5th period, something strange happens. I get called up to the office to go home. I gather up my stuff and make my way out into the hall and up to the office, wondering why the hell I was going home.

My mother was very strict about me staying in school, but she seemed to have changed her mind. It was actually very odd to see her standing in the office, waiting for me. We didn't say anything to each other as we walked out to her car, but that changed once we were on the road. "Raven honey, I have something very important to tell you..." she says, not looking at me."Well, what is it?" I ask, impatient. "I'm not going to tell you until we get home, and you will obey me, do you understand?" she says in a very commanding tone of voice, which surprises me. "Uh..yeah, ok" I say, staring out the window until we get home.

I see a very strange car waiting for us. I look at my mom, very confused. But when I ask, she refuses to say anything until we get inside the house. So, I walk in and set my bag on the floor and go to the living room to see two adults and a teenager sitting on one of the couches. The adults look really uptight, but the teenager looks around my age, with emo hair. I must admit, he is really, really hot. Plus, he has SNAKEBITES! That is like my major most favorite thing about emo guys.

I sit on the other couch and stay silent as my mother talks with the adults. I still have absolutely no idea about what is going on, but I have a horrible suspicion that I am about to find out. "Ok well, Raven, these are my friends that I've had since high school, Mr. and Mrs. Scott. And this is their son, Alex. and well, we had a deal that once they had a son or daughter and once I had a son or daughter, that we would set up an arranged marriage between here we are." my mother says, amazingly fast. "Ok so what? I don't get it." I say, still confused. "Uh…Raven you have an arranged marriage to Alex you will be leaving today to go live with him..."


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