Horses Run Along A Gilded Path

Each One Following A Secret Path

Until Dawn Shall Rise

They Shall Run

Along Their Path Of Gold

The Moon Casts Light Down Upon

A Radiant Chestnut Mare

Her Eyes Never Leave

The Road Ahead

Even Though

She is Shrouded

By The Moon's Silver Mist

Her Eyes Betray

A Love So Deep

For A Stallion Of A Silver Mane

Never Shall She Reach Him Though

For He Lies At The End OF The Path

And She At It's Beginning

Each Night She Runs

Until The Sun Doth Rise

And When It Does Set Again

She Finds Herself Back Where She Began

Never To Reach Road's End

Yet The Chestnut Mare

She Still Runs

Hoping One Day She Might Meet

Her Stallion Of A Silver Mane

A Bay Doth Run

Under The Crescent Moon

Searching For Her Child

Her Daughter Of The Purest Black

And Her Eyes Like The Moon Above

She Runs Wildly Through The Trees

Calling Out A Thousand Names

For She Remembers Not

The One She Gave Her Child

Many Years Ago

So She Must Resort

To Calling Every Name

Praying One Day

That She Might Call Her Daughter's Name

And Gaze Upon Her Face Again

So Each Night She Runs

Under The Silver Moon

That So Looks Like

Her Daughters Eyes

And Forever More

The Bay Shall Run

Calling For A Child

Whom Does Not Exist

A Painted Stallion

Stands Unmoving

High Up In The Mountains

Snow Fall Softly

All Around

But That Stallion Shivers Not

His Pain Keeps Him Warm

Though He Would Surely Trade It In

And Feel The Bitter Cold

He Remembers Not

What He Did

Or Why He Feels The Cold Regret

Yet Still

It Clenches His Heart

Sending Searing Fire Through His Veins

The Painted Stallion Stands Alone

Looking Out Across The Land

Bearing His Heavy Burden

He Tries To Remember

So He May Right This Wrong

And Lift His Awful Pain

A Silver Foal

Stumbles Along

Half Hidden In The Grass

She Cries Out In Fear

Not Knowing Where She Is

Or Why She Is All Alone

In Her Short Life

She Remembers Nothing

But This Fear And Endless Plain

She Cries Out To The Moon
It Her Only Companion In The Darkness

It Bathes Her In The Silver Light

The Only Thing To Calm Her Fear

She Wonders What Her Life Would Have Been

Had She Not Been Alone

Would She Be Happier

Or Is Alone All The Better

The Silver Foal

Will Never Know

As She Will Forever

Wander The Tall Grass

All Alone

A Stallion Bred

For Muscle and Speed

Walks Slowly Down The Beaten Path

He Knows Not His Destination

Nor Whom He Seeks

Only That He's Going Somewhere

And That There's Someone He Does Need

He Lost All Desire

To Answer These Questions

Many Years Ago

All Her Wants Now

Is To End His Journey

But Alas The Old Dirt Road

On Which The Stallion Doth Wander

Is Endless

And His Destination At It's End

So the Stallion Moves Along

Each Step Weighs Him Down

With The Desolation Of His Pointless Journey

That He Can Never Complete

And That He May Never Leave

Blood Is Thicker The Water

And Pain Thicker Still

And Each Horse

Mare, Stallion, and Foal Alike

Must Bear The Pain and Fear Alone

Never Have They Met

And Meet They Never Will

Yet They Are Bound Together

By Their Curse To Bear Their Burden

Never Will They Be Free

Of Their Burden So Heavy

For None, Is Their Pain Just

For Life Has Never Been That Fair

So They Will Run The Gilded Track

Forever To Follow The Secret Path

They May Only Appear In The Light Of The Moon

But They Never Truly Disappear

For Their Pain Is Always There