I scribble these words
As A prayer to you
I may not believe in God
But this is all I could do
To get these words across to you

It's been 1,826 days since you left
And since then, not a moment I've wept
All your little secrets spin around
These thoughts form a storm and cloud
Above my head, in my bed,
Behind my eyelids

Tears kept inside since we were kids

I'd send you a letter if you had an address
I'd call if you had a phone number
Now you're six feet under
And I have so many questions to ask

Blind and mute through your ramble
Ears drink in and spit out your wretched babble
Slowly, through your endless speach
I feel gone as my ears binge eat

I keep your secrets behind my teeth
on my tongue, where they sleep
And no, I won't tell your secrets
Not to anyone at all

Not a whisper to a soul
Not a doll, nor a troll
Not the def, not the mute

Not a boy on the brink
Or a girl on the edge
Not a bird with a broken wing
Stumbling on A ledge

I know where you've been
What you thought, and what you did
Where the truth comes stumbling out
But I still don't know your whereabouts

I begin my search with heaven
And pray you are forgiven
For your sins and your decisions

You believed in God, I know
Thought I might try to contact you somehow
So I pray to him and ask a favor,
"Can you pass these words onto my father?"

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.