Sleep escapes me

As I tick with time

My body aches

As my mind unwinds


The games are played

And the world takes on a dreamlike state

My words are taken, and my mouth sewed shut

This world is wretched with its mute tut


I know I am no fool to believe

That this world is what I make it seem

And I try not to exaggerate

The fact that this is not my fate

So I face the day with my eyes gouged out

And try to blindly find an escape route


One day I know I will see again

And when I do, I'll be me again

With words to spill and tears to cry

With two perfect, gouge-less eyes


And one day I will be home again

To think, and feel, and be whole again

And someday, in some far off land

I will wake and see it was just a dreamland