Tracing your cords under the porcelain

Your stardust liquid stains your sickly face

I'd kiss the sun away

To spend a backwards day with you


I can't turn back the hour

(You've already put it in reverse)

You smiled, and I knew

Shadows were made to adore you


You were the goddess of the moon

The sun rises the wrong way for you

And the stars spell out the story of your life

The sun never did you justice

Beating malicious lies


Looking to the stars you'd see

They knew your script, your lines

If you messed up we'd restart again

With a backwards sunrise


Greeting twilight, half asleep

Just woken by your twisted mind

To fall in bed at dawn again

And dream of shadows dancing,

Taunting the sunrise


You'd dream a dream

As I daydreamed of you

A snowflake could never compare to you

As I spent more time with you

On your backwards schedule of solitude

I was becoming more like you

An insomniac, and I was told

This is what love would do


I lay awake

Watching the blinking digital numbers

Of the alarm clock bleed into morning

As I thought of you


When I rise, you fall

Attracted to each other, despite it all

And going backwards like you do

The butterfly crawled back into the cocoon

I made a promise late afternoon

Six feet under, I promised her,

"I'll see you soon."