Never ending is our passion

We fight for rights we believe in

A gun or sword was not our weapon

We fought with love and never-ending compassion

Marching the streets with screams and shouts

Our cries were for rights, not fights

The fear we had was fuel for our doubts

The tears we shed masquerade as ammo

And you're nervously awaiting the count down

It's a show, I tell you

The footsteps pound, synchronized stomps

Our voices blend a cry for justice

But you still sit there

You against us

We fall to rise and face you, we dare

Frustration swells inside you

With the hearts we bare

When the smoke from your bombs clear

You will find within clean air

That we stand there

Together as one with our passion

You one day will fall to your knees

And drop your weapons

We take you in with open arms

Forgive you of your wrongs

Take my hand

And forever we'll stand strong