The coldness lingers around me,

an unseen mist of despair.

It seeps into my skin

and caresses my bones,

permanently chilling me.

It's not from the weather,

though it is mid-January;

it's depression.

You know the way you get chills

that start on your back

and then wash over you completely?

When you're outside in the freezing air,

it's completely normal.

But when you're sitting

alone in the locker room

because you can't bear to be around

the people that hurt you anymore,

you know it is depression.

Maybe I would warm

if I felt somebody's arms around me.

Who knows?

I'm always cold…on the inside.

My 100th piece. It's not really a poem...more like a stream of thoughts in a poem format. It's not my favorite work, but I wanted to post it here anyway.