A love story set in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
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London, England in 1898 was a very traditional English town. And, as like any other traditional town, everyone who lived there abided to what was considered proper. People who did not were shunned. No one dared speak or act out against this, but has the day finally come when everything everyone knew would change?

It was early morn and no one was awake. There wasn't a single sound in the air, absolute silence. 'Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop,' the silence was shattered as a carriage, drawn by two fine horses, decorated with gems of gold and silver, went cantering toward King Travis' Castle. The carriage was very ornately decorated with rings of gold and silk. A carriage that fine would only belong to the richest of folks, someone like the king perhaps? It was rumored that the king's son, Prince James, was scheduled to be back in London after 5 years of studying abroad. Could this ornately decorated carriage belong to the prince?

"Lilac, are you sure you want to move back here? I mean, seriously, I thought you wanted to forget everything bad that's happened to you and start anew? And you k-" the voice was interrupted by a girl with long, layered, slightly curly night-jet black hair. Her eyes were a piecing, yet soft green, her skin was very pale but had a creamy look to it. Her hair, eyes, and skin contrasted each other a lot but it just somehow made her look all the more prettier. She was very fit and skinny, unlike most girls at the time, and was wearing a elegant white gown with lavender designs on it. It would be the envy of many girls of the time if it didn't suddenly stop short at her knees. Yes, that's correct, it only went to her knees, showing off her legs and pristine slippers. It is very improper to wear anything the showed your shoulders or anything below the knees in the late 1800s and early 1900s. She'd be the envy of so many girls for her elegant dress, looks, and body, but the dresses and clothes she wore made other girls laugh and point at her indecency. Even men at that time wouldn't even go near a girl like this, even if they thought she was the most beautiful thing they've ever seen.

"Thomas, stop worrying! I'll be fine, besides it's not like I can just forget everything about my parents! They're who gave birth to me and made me who I am!"

"I know, I know! But seriously, why this town? You know London is one of the most proper towns in England! And you know how people will judge you because of the clothes you wear, and let alone the fact that you're a model! Why couldn't you pick another town? I know that you moved around a lot before your parents died, but of all the towns, why this one?" asked Thomas, a guy that would be the heartthrob of girls in the 20-first century. He had adorable chocolate brown eyes that could make any girl melt, messy dirty blond hair that just screams, 'touch me!', and a smile that could kill. He was wearing a black suit that was formal yet casual and showed off his muscular body, and he had the complete modelesque look to him.

"Thomas, that's a very simple question that you've asked me millions of times before! This is the only town that my parents still have ownership of a piece of land. You know how expensive it is to buy, let alone build a house! Besides, I've always wanted to come back to London, this is where I was born, the only place that I have good memories of. . ." she said with tears in her eyes.

"Lilac. . .-" sighs, "Ok, look I'm sorry, ok? But I'm just worried. I mean you know exactly how people will treat you here. You know nothing good will probably come of it. You know that everyday you'll have people looking scornfully at you because of you're past."

Lilac sighs resigned, "Look, I know what will happen, but look, this is the only town where my parents were actually treated kindly. This is the only town where I actually made friends. So even if in the other towns people might not make fun of me as much, I won't have as many friends."

"Ok, fine. You do have a point there, but why quit modeling? What if you run out of money, then what will you do?"

"Hey! I c-"

Thomas cut her off, " Look, I know that you think that everything will work out fine, that you can take care of yourself. But do you know how worried Mr. Forest is? He treats you like you're his own daughter and would take you in, if you'd let him. And everyone else at the company loves you and cares for you! By leaving you're just making everyone sad and worried about you!" he said leaving me with such an ugly thought.

Thomas was the only guy that could make me feel sorry about what I did. Other people could, but not the heart-wrenching sadness that he could. Mr. Forest, my manager since forever, probably knew this and using this to his advantage to get me to go back to Rochester. How I hated him for doing this, but I knew he thought this was for my own good. I really really hate myself for making everyone so worried, but I just couldn't stay in the modeling business any longer. It was getting to me, I HATED the way everyone treated models and people who dressed like us. I wanted to go out and prove to everyone that we weren't the pigs they thought we were. I was hoping that I could convince everyone that we were good people, but I'm beginning to have second-thoughts about it. . .

Thomas' voice interrupted my thoughts, "-here. Lilac?"

"Yeah, what is it?"

"We're here," he said.

"Oh, ok. Um, could you help me carry my stuff inside?"

"Hah, you thought I'd just leave you? I wasn't even thinking it." I smiled at the indignation in his voice at the thought that I'd think so low of him.


"Your majesty, your son is here."

"Oh! My dearest son is here?" the queen screamed in excitement, "It's been so long! Bring him in, what are you waiting for?"

"My love, calm down. I know that you've greatly missed James, but you're acting very unbecoming of a woman of your status." boomed King Travis. He wore a robe of velvet, and very ornate and seemingly uncomfortable clothing. Though he seemed quite comfortable in it, himself. He had auburn hair that had a few gray hairs here and there. He, King Travis, was well known and loved throughout his kingdom, and known the be the caring and compassionate king that cared for his people. Even as he looked sternly at his wife, all you could hear was concern in his voice. Ever since Prince James had decided to study abroad the queen had become rather ill with worry for her son. Losing more weight then good for her health.

"Ahh, yes," the queen said, a bit embarrassed as her wide eyes looked down at her sky blue gown with black etchings. Even as she looked down, she knew she had to keep an elegant posture and queen-like air. Her light brown hair was tied very loosely in a bun with a few bits here and there falling out. Her complexion was as fair as fair could be, her eyes were framed with long, dark, soft eyelashes. She was the wife of the noble and loved King Travis of London and the envy of many.

"My Queen, please do not fret. You know very well that our son would never abandon his beloved parents. You know how you haven't been in you most tip-top shape ever since he left. Please, for your sake and mine, think of your health."

"You are more than correct my dearest husband, our James would never leave us. I just can't help but miss him so much. I hope he will have settled down, since he has now reached the age to marry and take over our kingdom."

The King laughed, "Yes, I remember it clearly, he'd always been a very adventure-loving lad. Never once being able to sit still and learn, always scaring away potential wives. I also hope that these years abroad has quenched his thirst for adventure."

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