Chapter 50: Epilogue

Connor's Point of View:

"It's annoying as hell Gramps. If I get in one more fight I might as well ship myself to Siberia or some shit. Mom will flip her freaking lid."

Gramps just chuckled.

"It's not funny."

"It is, actually. It's very funny, for several reasons. One, your mother was such a little hellion when she was your age, but she did it with more finesse than you seem to have mastered. You're too much like your Dad, and me. Camille's more like your mom and grandmother."

"You mean Mom was a vindictive spiteful bitch when she was our age?" I couldn't help the jab at my sister. The whole fucking world seems to think Cam's perfect, but she's really just a pain in my ass.

"I didn't say that. You know I'd never say anything like that. Besides, if Cam's so bad, why are you constantly fighting because of her?"

"Look Gramps, it's not that I dislike her. I love her and all that lame shit, but it's a pain in the ass having a hot sister. It actually flips my stomach to refer to her that way, but that's what I fucking hear every goddamn day. It's awful. And holy fuck if Dad finds out about the pool!"

"You do know that your class is not the first class to come up with a pathetic bet to have sex with someone, right?"

"Technically, my class didn't come up with this one. But yes, I know there've been others."

"Did you talk to Hayden about it?"

Golf days with Gramps were the best days of the week. Sure, I played golf with Dad, but it's different with Gramps. I can, and do, tell Gramps anything. I could never tell Dad that I got in a fight because half the guys on the soccer team have money on fucking my sister.

"Why would I talk to Uncle Hayden about people trying to screw Cam?"

"Okay, I'm going to tell you this, but if you tell anyone you heard it from me I'll deny it completely." He paused and looked down over his sunglasses expectantly. I nodded in agreement. "To the best of my knowledge, the first bet on someone sleeping with someone else at Woodbridge was when your mother was a freshman. Your father and Uncle Hayden both had money on it. On sleeping with your mom."

I felt the color drain from my face. That's sick. I mean, honestly, Mom's hot. Yet another thing I'd like to never have to think about, but it's hard when your friends are constantly making comments about fucking your mom and your sister. Sick.

Of course, the hotness genes didn't skip me, and I wasn't complaining. I got the curls from Dad, but Mom's blonde hair. I also have the same blue eyes that Gramps has. Cam has Dad's curly chocolate brown hair and blue eyes to match mine. But she has Mom's little pixie face, whereas I look just like Dad in the face. Cam has better freckles than me—hers add to her overall model looks, whereas mine make me look young. Fortunately, the tan from being on the green so much hides most of the freckles on my nose.

"Dad had money to fuck Mom? That's… sick."

"Well when you put it that way, yes it is." Gramps chuckled and tossed his club back in the bag on the back of the golf cart. "Lunch?"

I'm the captain of the golf team at Woodbridge Academy, and I've been offered golf scholarships for at least twenty awesome schools around the country. But Gramps beats the hell out of me every goddamn week. I don't get it. No matter how much better I get, he's better still. And he stills gets more play than any normal male should. Well, he gets the offers. He doesn't accept any of them. Ever. He's in his fucking sixties for fuck's sake, but girls in my fucking class talk about sleeping with him! Geezus.

"I think I'll skip it this time. I should get home before Mom and Cam come back." I groaned, wishing for anything other than another confrontation with my Mom.

"Con, you need to talk to her. Or to Tom."

"I'll be fine. I'll see you next week though huh?"

"Yep. Maybe next week you won't suck so much." He laughed and I growled. Smartass.

When I got home, Dad was in the TV room listening to a football game while he worked. Mom and Cam weren't back from shopping yet, and I decided to talk to Dad. I mean, who knows, maybe it'd help. Doubtful, but whatever.

"Hey. What's the score?"

"No idea. I'm not even paying attention. I'm waiting on the State game to come on next. How was the golf outing with your grandfather?"

"It was fine."

"Colton kicked your ass again huh?"

"I just don't get it! I think he cheats. There's no way he's that much better than me!"

"He's had more practice. But, he may also cheat. What's up?"

"Mom's gonna shit a brick, and I don't know what to do." I plopped down on the couch opposite him and sighed. He looked up and pulled his glasses from his face.


"Barrett deserved to be punched. I'm not sorry for hitting him. And I'll take detention every day before I apologize to him."

"Will you give up all of your Senior Days? Because you know that's what she's going to take away. Of course you don't mind detention—the detention teacher is barely 4 years older than you and she used to be a swimsuit model. Hell, I wouldn't mind detention there either, if I didn't have Charlie." I rolled my eyes. My Dad and Mom are grossly in love with each other still. It's embarrassing.

"Actually, ya know what, I will. He deserved it. And I'm pretty fucking tired of being told to act like an adult, and then being treated like a child."

"Adults don't throw punches just because they can."

"He's on the fucking football team! It's not like I beat up the math team for fuck's sake!"

"Uncle Hayden was on the math team." Nice reminder Dad. Asshole.


"Just saying. Con, what is going on that you've been fighting with your own friends? I know you wouldn't just turn into a violent street thug for no reason." He chuckled and I rolled my eyes again. Then I sighed. Might as well get it over with.

"They're gambling on screwing Cam. It's bad enough that they have the fucking pool to begin with, but for me to have to listen to their lame-ass fantasies about my goddamn sister? That's too much."

Dad's face darkened and I groaned. I knew it was a bad idea to talk to him about it. I should have just taken the punishment. Before he could comment though, the door from the garage slammed open and Camille was yelling at the top of her lungs.

"CONNER TEAGAN!!! What the hell is wrong with you?!" She stormed into the TV room and Dad and I both groaned.

"Camille Tanner! What the fuck are you yelling at me about?" I waited for Mom to correct my language, but she didn't. She just stood there, waiting for an explanation from her two children.

"Don't act innocent with me! It doesn't suit you, you jackass! You punched Barrett?! What the fuck are you thinking!" Cam's had a crush on Barrett forever, but he's just a dick. I mean, he's one of my best friends, and that's all fine for me, but he's definitely not good enough for my sister.

"I was thinking that I didn't want to hear him talk about what he was going to do with the money he'd win when he fucks you after prom!"

Cam narrowed her eyes at me and Mom gasped.

"Christ." Dad muttered.

"I can't believe you'd say that Con! You fucking asshole!" Cam looks sweet and innocent, but she curses enough to make a sailor blush.

"Connor, explain please." Oh fuck. Mom using the calm lawyer voice is fucking scary. Cam's eyes widened slightly when she looked at me. I grimaced and shot her an apologetic half-smile.

"There's a pool on your daughter." Dad saved me from explaining. I cringed slightly, waiting for Mom to freak out, but she didn't. She just smiled.

"How much?"

"What?" Cam and I both asked at the same time, completely shocked that Mom hadn't gone off the deep end about it.

"How much is the pool? Don't get me wrong Cammy, I don't expect you to let any of those morons win anything, but I can be curious."

"I'm a bit curious too. I'm definitely not suggesting you accept any offers, but your Mom's pool was up over ten grand by the time we graduated." Dad looked actually proud. What a weird fucking family I have!

"Mom!" Cam's mouth was gaping. I'd had the blow softened by Gramps, and it was still shocking to me. She was just stunned.

"What? I didn't have anything to do with the pool. If you wanna judge someone, talk to your Dad." Mom smirked and Dad frowned.


"I was young and stupid."

"And hot. Not that it helped you at all." Mom chuckled and I couldn't help chuckling with her. Dad just smiled smugly.

"Well, I might not have won that little bet, but I certainly got what I wanted in the end, didn't I?"

"Daddy! That's gross! And anyway, I have no idea what the pool's up to. God, wait til Annabelle hears about this!"

"Annabelle should talk to her father about the pool situation." Dad smirked and Mom shot him a dirty look.


"What does Uncle Hayden have to… oh God. That's so sick." Cam looked almost green.

"Connor, I'm not going to punish you for it this time, but don't make it a habit. Your sister can defend herself, if she needs it. I'm sorry you have to listen to it, but no more fights. You're the heir to Nanodyme for fuck's sake! It looks terrible for you to be fighting!" She barely got the words out without laughing. "Okay, so I don't care what it looks like, but I don't want you fighting anymore, okay?"

"And when they start talking about fucking you? I'm supposed to ignore that too?"

"What did you just say to your mother?!" Dad was pissed. Oops.

"Sorry for the language, but that's what I have to listen to. They talk about the trifecta—Cammy, Mom, and Belle."

"That is horrid! I'm literally old enough to be their mother!"

"Yeah and Belle's in eighth grade, but that doesn't stop half the senior class from planning ways to have sex with her."

"Tom! What the hell has happened to the Academy?!"

"Oh please Charlie, it was at least that bad when we were there, and you know it."

Mom moved to give Dad a hug and Cam and I both made a quick exit. They'd start out sweet and innocent, but they'd end up nearly having sex on the couch, and then they'd make a quick exit to their bedroom where we can usually hear them even across the house with all the doors closed. Thank GOD for earphones.

Knock knock. "Yeah?" I knew who was knocking. She may be a pain in the ass, but she's my sister. And, though I'd never admit it to her, the closer I got to graduating and going to college, to more I knew I'd miss her.

"Hey. Are you going out tonight?"

"Yeah, just a party. And if you fucking show up there I will make you miserable."

"Party at Kyle Foster's house? Yeah I got invited. I'm not interested. I've got a date anyway. Unlike you, I'm not a dateless pathetic loser." Fucking Cam. Ugh.

"I'm not a pathetic loser! And I'm dateless by choice, and you know it."

"Yeah I know. I'm gonna miss you when you go."

"You'll own the school when I go."

"Like you do now? I know. Still. I'll miss you. Why don't you just ask her out anyway?"

"She hates me."

"Tristan doesn't hate you anymore than you hate her. Just ask her out. Senior Days Fair's coming up, right?"

"Not interested. It's stupid to start dating anyone senior year. I don't know where I'm going after graduation, and I refuse to let some girl influence my decision."

"Mom and Dad dated in high school."

"Exactly! Look at all the hell they went through. Maybe you're all about all that lame romance shit, but I'm not. It's not worth it. And I have no intentions of coming back here to work for the company. You can do that. Gramps would love it if you took over for Dad."

"Daddy's not even close to retiring. Besides, I'm not even out of high school, and we're talking about you."

"Don't waste your time on Barrett, Camille. He's not good enough."

"He's good enough for you."

"Yeah but he's not good enough for my baby sister."

"I love you Con." She hugged me really tight, for longer than necessary, and I sighed. I'm a guy. I'm not supposed to be so attached to my family. I should be excited to graduate and go off to college. Both of my overly attractive parents have lifelong friends and great stories from college, but the thought of being somewhere else… of not playing golf with Gramps every week and not fighting with Cam over the last pancake and beating Dad at chess and hearing my mom cheer for me at soccer. Ugh. I'm such a loser.

"Love you too Cammy cakes. Now get out so I can get ready." I shoved her away lightly and she smacked my arm. She was playing, but she still left a mark. Violent little shit. I couldn't help but smile at her.

"Don't drive if you drink." Mom had a strange opinion of teenage drinking. Actually, it was fairly common for the parents of most of our friends—if you're going to drink, do it intelligently. Of course, we all still did stupid shit when we drank, but at least we didn't drink and drive. Usually.

"I know. I'll probably just stay at Foster's anyway. But I'll be back for lunch tomorrow." Sunday lunch was a pretty important family event.

"You have money son?" For fuck's sake I'm not a child and this isn't the first time I've gone out! Fuck! I just rolled my eyes at my Dad. He smirked and left with a handful of the cookies Mom had just made. Freak.

When I got to Foster's house, I had to park a few houses up. Christ. It's not even ten!

"Bryant. Nice to finally see you assfuck." Kyle had a sloppy grin on his face, and his arms around one of the Steitler twins. Drunk already. Sad.

"Foster. No need to get here at the asscrack of dawn. Not all of us plan to be passed out in a puddle of our own bile before midnight." He laughed and walked off with whichever bitch twin he'd snagged.

Two hours later, I was buzzed and trying not to lose my shirt (literally) at the poker game set up in the back yard. Strip poker is super fun when there are really hot girls that don't know what a straight is. Unfortunately, Tristan had just joined the game.

"You're fucked now Bryant." Kyle had lasted much longer than expected.

"Shut the fuck up Foster."

He was right. Tristan Daniels was the only girl that ever made me feel weak. She was gorgeous, and she knew it. But unlike the majority of the school whores, Tristan didn't give a fuck what anybody thought about her. Her family was 'new money' and a lot of the old money snobs treated them badly for it. For her part of the whole drama, Tristan acted like the school badass. She spent as much time in detention as the stoners, but she had perfect grades. She also ran track, like my mom did. She was better than my mom though. And now, she was about to kick my ass in strip poker in front of every one of my friends. Fuck.

"You girls done chattering?" She smirked at me and I felt my ears get hot.

"Hey Connor, you went to the doc this week huh? Everything copasetic?" I swear to Christ Barrett must have a death wish. He wasn't even drinking! I just glared at him.

"Getting your STDs checked again Connor?" Tristan asked sweetly, batting her eyes like she hadn't just insulted me. I rolled my eyes.

"You figured me out." I looked back down at my cards, hoping the thing would be dropped. No such luck. Barrett cleared his throat and I sighed. "Yes B, I went to the doctor and everything is fine. You think I'd be here with you assfucks if it hadn't all been cleared? You've met my mother. And don't say whatever dirty thought just popped in your head. I'll beat your skull in today."

He laughed. Son of a bitch.

"Connor? In?" Tristan sounded almost timid all of a sudden and I hated it. Sympathy and she doesn't even know why. Most people knew about the heart issues that I had to have checked every six months, but somehow she'd escaped the information loop. Most likely, everyone assumed everyone knew about it all so it wasn't news. It would be news if I told them the truth—the doc did pass me, but barely, and I had to start going every three months. But a pass is a pass. And, thankfully, Tristan had no idea something was wrong with me.

"Actually no. I'm out." I tossed my cards down and stood. She smirked.

"Afraid of stripping in front of me?"

"Number one, I wouldn't have lost." I flipped my hand back over and she looked at it and then back to me in confusion. Three aces is almost always a winner. "Number two, I'll strip for you any time baby." I smirked when her confusion morphed to surprise.

I walked back into the house and forced myself not to look back. I've never wanted anything as much as I wanted Tristan Daniels. Underneath me. Pressed against the wall. On top of me. Scratching her nails down my back. Screaming my name. Geezus Christ.

The house was instantly too warm.

"Hey. You okay?" Motherfucker! She scared the hell out of me. I went out front to get some air, and to be honest—to hide from everyone.

"Trist. Umm… yep. I'm fine. Hot."

"Agreed." She seemed to think about her response for a moment, then she blushed. I smirked. Tristan fucking Daniels just blushed.

"You think I'm hot?"

"Everyone thinks you're hot. What's with the doctor?"

"You've never been to a doctor?"

"I don't go routinely, and my friends don't get their panties in a wad about it when I go. I can go ask Barrett…"

"It's not a big deal. I was born with a heart defect, and I have to go get it checked every six months. Well, every three months now."

"Something's wrong?" She looked like she was about to freak out. It was a look I saw frequently from my mother.

"No. He's just a worrier. I'm fine. Wanna see?" I winked and she smirked.

"Well you did promise to strip for me."

She grabbed my hand and started walking back into the house. For fuck's sake. I had no idea where she was leading me, and I didn't care. She could be delivering me to Satan himself, and I'd willingly follow. God I'm pathetic.

She didn't lead me to Satan's door. Instead, she pulled me into a bedroom upstairs.

"Uhh, Tristan…"

"I wanna see it." I shifted my weight, trying to get more comfortable, since 'it' was suddenly too large for the space it was crammed into. "The scar. Katie was talking about how hot it was."

"She's a whore."

"So she would know. Can I see it?"

"What do I get if I show you?"

"What do you want?" She smirked. You, naked, in my bed.

"Don't worry about it." I started to unbutton my shirt and she just stared at my fingers. "Stop."


"Stop staring like you're about to eat my fingers." It's turning me on and I'm doing everything I can to keep from throwing you down on that bed and sticking my tongue between your legs.

I'd crammed my hands into my front pockets and she moved closer. I froze. "It's here?" She ran her finger across my chest and I shuddered. She smiled. "You like me."

She didn't wait for a response. She just started unbuttoning my shirt the rest of the way. I wanted to enjoy the feel of her fingers on my bare skin, but I couldn't. As soon as she saw the scar she'd freak out.

"It's smaller than I would have thought. My Dad's is huge."

Okay. Not the reaction I expected.

"I had surgery a long time ago. I was pretty smile then, so I guess… small scar." Honestly, she would have seen it before if she'd spent more time with my group of friends. I pretty much lived without a shirt in the summer.

"I guess. Katie's right. It's pretty hot." She ran her fingers lightly over it and I shuddered again. Then, like I should have expected but didn't, she smiled and muttered a 'thanks' as she left the room. Motherfuck.

I'm going home.

Tristan continued to drive me crazy for the rest of senior year. I decided, at the last minute, to go to Duke. It's not far from home, so I could still see my family. Tristan was running track at North Carolina, so theoretically we could see each other every week… if we were anything.

We weren't even friends.

She was just this hardass little hot girl that didn't notice I existed. Of course. Of fucking course I'd fall in love with the only girl ever that didn't instantly want me. Just my goddamn luck to want the only girl that didn't give two shits about me.

But, there are thousands of new, hot girls around me. Tristan may not be interested, but they sure will be. I'm Connor fucking Bryant for fuck's sake!

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