Of Isis and Osiris

It all began with deceptive eyes

Thy brother Seth, of wicked lies

Who tricked Osiris to swift demise

Under the Nile the great God dies

In goddess Isis vengeance vies

To bring about her King's reprise

From the Nile his dead corpse she pries

With whom she lay so life may rise

Yet once again the great God dies

In the desert Isis lets Osiris lie

To birth fair Horus, who ruled the skies

This act did wicked Seth despise

His brothers resting place he spies

To destroy Osiris form before all eyes

And spread his remains beyond reprise

But Isis would through all her cries

Give life to Osiris with new apprise

She sent forth Horus into the skies

As she ventured through the desert highs

To give Osiris form a grim new guise

So forth once more did the great God rise

As Lord of Dead and all that dies

~Sunday 24th January 2010~